August 23, 2019

Truth Magazine Online Edition November 2012

The Historical Jesus (1)
Mike Willis

So, You Need a Preacher?
Connie W. Adams

Questions & Answers
Bobby L. Graham

I did Not Marry A Christian
Anonymous by Request

News & Notes
Stan Adams

Book Review
Chris Reeves

The Lord Jesus Christ Is Coming Again:
Are You ready, My Friend?

Cyrus O. Gesulga

Difference In Holy Spirit Baptism
And Water Baptism
Johnie Edwards

Coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics
Starla J. Halbrook

The Resurrection of Jesus
David Flatt

Did God Forsake Jesus on the Cross?
David F. Sims

House Churches
Ron Griffin

Phygelus, Hermogenese & Onesiphorus
Jim McDonald