August 23, 2019

Truth Magazine Online Edition September 2012

Introduction To Bible
Mike Willis

A Nostalgic Trip
Connie W. Adams

Out-Of-Wedlock Births: The New Normal?
David Dann

News and Notes
Stan Adams

Confusion Concerning the Holy Spirit
John Isaac Edwards

Are You Church of Christ?
David Halbrook

Questions & Answers
Bobby L. Graham

A Father's Responsibility
Alton Bailey

Mike Willis

"I will dwell in Them"
Lewis Willis

Sacrifice for Jesus
Tol Burke

Book Review
Chris Reeves

The Story of Absalom
Wayne S. Walker

Jarrod Jacobs

Lessons from Israelite “Sacrifice Only” Religion
Ethan R. Longhenry

Bible Cups
Johnie Edwards

God’s Man for All Seasons
Steve Wallace