November 25, 2015


Truth Magazine Online Edition November 2015

THEME ARTICLES Digression Is Real and Occurs in … [Read More...]


Truth Magazine Online Edition October 2015

THEME ARTICLES An Introduction to Our Special … [Read More...]


Truth Magazine Online Edition September 2015

THEME ARTICLES The Bible and Human … [Read More...]

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2015 Truth Lectures

                                If you plan on coming to the 2015 Truth Lectures, you can register online at … [Read More...]

Lack of Daily-Bible Reading Among Churchgoers

A recent study found that most people who attend church services do not read their Bible on a daily basis. About 34 percent read their Bible daily or a few times per week, while a combined 66 percent read it once per week, a few times per month, once … [Read More...]

A Great Society?

Is our society that great?  Yes, we enjoy a tremendous amount of prosperity and freedom, much of which we can be thankful.  However, it has reached the point that these are often a detriment to our society.  Notice some of the things we financially … [Read More...]

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Husbands Pleasing to God

By Tommy L. McClureThis article is not about husbands who are pleasing to their wives, her parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, and aunts. Nor does it concern husbands pleasing to sociologists, psychiatrists, family counselors, preachers, the … [Read More...]

The Universal Direct Mail or Windshield Flyer!

By Steve RuddThe only rule of evangelism: “Anything you do will bring results, with proper follow-up.” In the past I have tried everything from putting flyers on windshields of cars in malls, to telecomputer auto telephone dialers that play … [Read More...]

Voices in Religion

By Olen HolderbyThe reader is ask at this point to stop and read the first nine verses of Genesis chapter eleven. If you have now done that, you will realize the confusion that must have been present when the Lord confounded their language. Imagine … [Read More...]

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