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2019 Summer Preacher Training Program @ the Eau Gallie Church of Christ in Melbourne, FL

Summer Preacher Training Program

Eau Gallie Church of Christ

1079 Sarno Rd., Melbourne, FL 32935

JULY 15-21, 2019

If you are serious about wanting to “do the work of an evangelist,” do not miss this opportunity! Whether you are new to preaching or seasoned in the work, this week of training will prove to be very useful. Topics in this class include but are not limited to Preaching in Today’s World, Conversion, Authority, I-II Timothy and Titus, Finding and Developing Sermons, Outlining, Funerals, Weddings, Staying Organized and Writing Articles. In addition to classroom and small group work, students will be conducting Wednesday Night Bible Class as well as participating in a week-end Lectureship. By the end of this class, you will go home edified, encouraged and better prepared to do the work of an evangelist. It will be one of the best weeks of your life!

Meals, lodging and local transportation for students are being graciously supplied by the individual members of Eau Gallie Church of Christ. Students are responsible for their transportation to and from Melbourne, Florida.

Classes will be conducted by David Eldridge and Larry R. Ping II. Space is limited for these classes, so we urge you to register soon. You may register in one of the following ways.

  • Call 317-308-8288 and register over the phone by speaking with Larry R. Ping II; or email for more information: larryrpingii@gmail.com.
  • You may also register by visiting http://eaugalliechurchofchrist.com/training


By Mark Mayberry

Geoffrey Owens, who played "Elvin Tibideaux" on The Cosby Show in the 1980s, recently was in the news when someone took a picture of him bagging groceries at Trader Joe's. Many were shocked that someone who had achieved fame and fortune could have fallen to such a "lowly" position. When interviewed, Mr. Owens spoke of the dignity of work, no matter what the task. Now, after receiving a $25,000 from a current celebrity, Mr. Owen has donated the entire amount to charity. So, Bill Cosby ("Heathcliff Huxtable") has brought shame upon himself and harm upon others, and Geoffrey Owens ("Elvin") – the somewhat dimwitted son-in-law has demonstrated far greater integrity. There is dignity in honest and honorable work, no matter the task. We are called to serve God and one another. We are expected to treat one another with kindness and respect. Are we maintaining things honorable in the sight of all men?

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