Truth Magazine May 2021

Editorial: Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

by Mark Mayberry

This issue of Truth Magazine focuses on the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, a subject of considerable interest, and sadly, much speculation. Thanks to Bruce Reeves and Kyle Pope for helping assemble these topics and writers.

Meditations: Is Matthew 24:34 a “Transition Verse?” (Part Two)

by Kyle Pope

A final point used to support the “transition verse” view of Matthew 24:34 is the use of “immediately” in 24:29. Does such language demand connecting the coming of Jesus in 24:29-33 with AD 70?

Women’s Insights: Just Like That, Everyone Is Homeschooling

by Diana Dow

This month, we welcome Diana Dow to our team of regular contributors. The current situation has caused parents to consider what their child’s education should look like. In future articles, Diana will share her insights in this area.

Challenges: Progressivism and the Family

by David Dann

God’s people must resist the progressive movement’s assault on the divine design of the home.

Praise: Dependence in Worship

by Matthew Bassford

Recognizing our dependency upon God is fundamental to maintaining a proper view of our lives and a healthy relationship with Him. Expression of this dependence in song helps to instill this concept within our hearts and minds.

Questions and Answers

by Bobby L. Graham

Please explain the identification of Jesus as the “one Mediator between God and men” (1 Tim. 2:5)?

Archaeology: Azekah: a Mini-Pompeii in Judah

by Luke Chandler

The discovery of massive destruction with numerous skeletons at biblical Azekah shows a stunning disaster hidden under the soil for thousands of years.

Monthly Theme: The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

Article 1: Balancing Concepts of the Spirit’s Influence

by Kyle Pope

Does Scripture reveal information on the nature of the Spirit’s indwelling that helps resolve questions of whether His influence is “personal” or “only through the word”?**

Article 2: Reemphasizing Hermeneutics in the Study of the Holy Spirit

by Bruce Reeves

Basic principles of Bible study must not be neglected when examining scriptural teaching on the Holy Spirit. Recognizing the use of figures of speech, context, and harmony can clarify our understanding of this important topic.

Article 3: The Role of Providence

by Reagan McClenny

Providence, referring to God’s working through people, events, and times to bring about His purposes, may include the Holy Spirit, but it does not require the Spirit working on us or in us to be still present for us and around us.**

Article 4: The Influence of Calvinism

by Mark White

The influence of the teachings of the Protestant leader, John Calvin, has been so pervasive that unless great caution is taken Christians unwittingly may find themselves using its unscriptural language about the Holy Spirit.

Article 5: The Spirit Indwells through the Word: Answering Objections

by Shane Carrington

Scripture declares that the Holy Spirit indwells disciples through the word. Some object to this statement, so let’s consider some of those objections.

Article 6: The Conscience and the Holy Spirit

by Heath Rogers

Some of the work attributed to the Holy Spirit by people is actually the work of their conscience and emotions.

Truth Magazine April 2021

In my Editorial for the April issue of Truth Magazine, I address the subject of “Competence.” Here in Alvin, I have been helping team-teach a teenage boy’s Bible class on “Becoming Men.” As Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man, we must also. Therefore, let us develop skill sets that will enable us to lead our families, and effectively serve God and man.

In his Meditations column, Kyle Pope presents the first of a two-part series asking, “Is Matthew 24:34 a Transition Verse?” This article is also connected with the theme, “Questions re Eschatology,” and the Truth Lectures to be held in Athens, AL, in July. Details about the upcoming lectures are found inside this issue.

In the Women’s Insights column, Sherelyn Mayberry offers her reflections on the beautiful hymn, “How Long till the Morning?”

In our new column, entitled Challenges Facing Christians, Kevin Maxey examines the impact of the progressive movement on education.

In the Principles of Praise column, Matthew Bassford offers examples of pride and humility in worship. While God opposes the proud, He gives grace to the humble.

In the Q-n-A column, Bobby Graham responds to a reader who asks, “What scriptural authority would you give for worshiping the Holy Spirit as in the song ‘Glorify Thy Name’?”

In the Archaeology column, Trent and Rebekah Dutton take us on a tour of the world-famous Israel Museum, which is located in Jerusalem about 1.5 miles west of the Temple Mount.

The theme section of the April issue of Truth Magazine contemplates various “Questions Regarding Eschatology.”

Does Apocalyptic Language Foreshadow or Exaggerate? by Kyle Pope. The OT often used apocalyptic language to describe significant divine judgments. When the NT employs similar language, does it foreshadow an ultimate reality or exaggerate something that will never actually happen?

Did 2020 Signal the End? by Andrew Dow. The events of 2020 do not indicate when the world will end but remind us that the world will, indeed, end. Let us, therefore, prepare for the day when we will stand before God in judgment.

Teaching a Future Judgment to the “Nones” by David Deason. An increasing number of people identify themselves as having no religious affiliation. How should Christians approach helping such lost souls prepare for the day of Final Judgment?

Is God Cruel to Send Souls to Hell? by David A. Cox. The idea that God is cruel because He will send people to hell is rooted in a lack of understanding of God’s character.

Creation and the End of the World, by Jim Deason. The soul who rejects a belief that God created all things will also struggle to believe He could bring the universe to an end. The same evidence that supports one doctrine also supports the other.

“No One Knows,” and the Deity of Christ, by Mike Willis. In Mark 13:32, regarding the day and hour of His return, Jesus said, “no one” (including “the Son”) “knows” except the Father. This article considers how He can be deity even though He claimed not to know the time of His Second Coming.

Our goal, “Taking His Hand, Helping each other home,” describes our mission and motivation. We hope that you will benefit from these informative, Bible-based articles.

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Mark Mayberry

Truth Magazine March 2021

In my Editorial for the March issue of Truth Magazine, I focus on “Godly Couples.” When families share the bond of faith, hope, and love, they sustain and support each other in triumph and trials. May we impart to one another strength to serve, the courage to confront adversity, and grace to endure loss.

In his Meditations column, Kyle Pope writes on “Bearing Fruit.” This must be an active part of a Christian’s life, but how can the disciple of Christ fulfill this responsibility? How can the believer make fruit-bearing more than merely a figure of speech, but a realized feature of life in Christ?

In the Women’s Insights column, Lindsay Mast asks, “Why Does Support Matter in Running the Race? Sometimes, carrying on is dauntingly hard. That’s why God gave us a spiritual support network. Let’s learn to use it.

This month, we start a column that focuses on “Challenges Facing Christians.” Initially, we consider the Progressive Movement, which is also called Humanism, Liberalism, or Secularism. Although atheistic to the core, its proponents manifest a religious fervor rivaling the most ardent fundamentalist. I offer an overview of the subject.

In the Principles of Praise column, Matthew Bassford discusses “The Need for Humility.” Pride is one of Satan’s most effective poisons; humility is its antidote. Let us manifest a spirit of lowliness in our walk and our worship.

In the Q-n-A column, Bobby Graham fields the question, “Is It Scriptural to Say that the Church Needs to ‘Disfellowship’ One of Its Members?”

In the Archaeology column, Leon Mauldin leads us on a virtual tour of “The Pool of Gibeon,” the site of sad and needless loss of life. Once again, archaeology illustrates and illuminates the principles from the biblical text!

This month is an OPEN ISSUE of Truth Magazine, which includes the following articles.

Christians and the Cancel Culture, by Joe R. Price. Let us be alert to “the cancel culture’s” tactics, equipping ourselves with God’s spiritual weapons to pull down Satan’s strongholds.

Review of the New American Standard Bible, 2020 Update, by Samuel Stinson. For many of us, the NASB 1995 Update has been a reliable and trusted tool for studying God’s message of salvation. How does the 2020 Update compare? What advantages or disadvantages does it possess?

Diagnosing Routines, by Darin Henry. Wayne Gretzky, the famous hockey player, once said, “No matter who you are, we’re creatures of habit. The better your habits are, the better they will be in pressure situations.” Let us explore the significance of spiritual routines.

Church Attendance Numbers, by Dennis Abernathy. Attendance and contribution statistics are data points that may or may not accurately reflect a congregation’s underlying spiritual condition.

When People We Love Die Lost in Sin, by Ron Halbrook. While we desire that our friends, family, and loved ones will be saved, sadly, not everyone is willing to trust and obey. How do we deal with the compounded heartache of death in such situations?

Our goal, “Taking His Hand, Helping each other home,” describes our mission and motivation. We hope that you will benefit from these informative, Bible-based articles.

If you have not yet subscribed to Truth Magazine, we encourage you to do so. The magazine is available as a printed monthly journal and accessible through various digital platforms (Amazon Kindle, ePub, and PDF versions, and through your favorite web browser).


Mark Mayberry