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A Reply To Earl Kimbrough

Donnie V. Rader The reference I make in my printed lecture to Earl Kimbrough was, When a man teaches that one who has no right to remarry can remarry, his teaching leads his hearer to commit adultery. Most agree that we can't fellowship the man who is in adultery. However, we are told we can … [Read more...]

Donnie’s Distortion

Earl Kimbrough Donnie Rader, in the Florida College Annual Lectures for 2001, addresses the teaching of Matthew on divorce and remarriage. In the course of the lecture, he mentions my name, along with Ed Harrell, Bob Owen, and others, in a less than favorable light. For my part, I am somewhat like … [Read more...]

A Reply to Ed Harrell’s Response

Donnie V. Rader I find it interesting that brother Harrell responds to my printed lecture and in fact had asked the administration for time to give an oral response. The thing that makes this interesting is that he, as one of the editors of Christianity Magazine, practiced a closed door policy and … [Read more...]

A Response By Ed Harrell

With considerable reluctance, but at the urging of a number of friends, I have decided to write a few words responding to the lecture delivered by Donnie Rader. My beliefs on the matters under discussion are a matter of record and I some years ago decided not to try to respond to thedistortions of … [Read more...]

Reply to Bob Owen

Donnie V. Rader At the conclusion of my lecture, Bob Owen was allowed to read a prepared statement in response to the printed version of the lecture in the Florida College Lecture book. In his response he charges me with "misrepresentations" and "charges" that are "false … [Read more...]

Response to Donnie Rader’s lecture In the FC Lectures – Bob Owen

February 8, 2001 My response today is to the manuscript of brother Rader's lecture as it occurs in the Florida College series of 2001. Very possibly, I am making a mistake in responding. In the past I have ignored charges from pulpits and publications in order not to fuel the fires that stir ill … [Read more...]

FC Lecture 2001

Donnie V. Rader's Lecture At Florida College And Responses What Happend at the Florida College Lectures - Harry Osborne Introduction to the Controversy About My Lecture - Donnie V. Rader What God Has Joined Together - Jesus on Marriage Response Donnie Rader's Lecture In the FC Lectures - … [Read more...]

What God Has Joined Together – Jesus on Marriage

What God Has Joined Together - Jesus on MarriageLecture given at Florida College (February 8, 2001). (Matthew 5:31-32; 19:1-12) Donnie V. Rader Matthew's record of Jesus' teaching gives two of the three occasions that He taught on divorce and remarriage. The first is from the mountain sermon … [Read more...]

What Happened at the Florida College Lectures

Harry Osborne On Thursday, February 8, 2001, brother Donnie Rader had an excellent lecture on divorce and remarriage. I was both there to hear it personally and have a tape of the lesson. If you have not had an opportunity to hear the tape, please get a copy so that you can hear for yourself what … [Read more...]

The Plain Truth About Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage

Donnie V. Rader There is a trend towards softening the gospel message. As society and the religious world moves in a more liberal direction, we too are affected. In that effort to be more tolerant, some have made the gospel message more palatable by "smoothing it out" in various ways. … [Read more...]