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King James Only Debate

FACTS FOR FAITH (October, 1972) Debate on the King James Version This month's FACTS FOR FAITH is a very special issue, in that it comprises a debate on one of the most widely interesting questions of our time. Are we to put our confidence in the King James Version as the best, perhaps even the … [Read more...]

South Carolina

By Owen H. ThomasThe state of South Carolina is virtually a mission field so far as the conservative element of the Lords church is concerned. To my knowledge there are only two congregations in the state which are self-supporting. Both of these have fewer than sixty members. Only five churches … [Read more...]

Is Jesus the Christ, the Son of God? (II)

By Grant S. CaldwellWhenever we make the claim that Jesus was the Christ, we invariably make reference to the Old Testament prophecies. The word "Christ" was only the Greek form of the Hebrew word "Messiah." The Messiah was that individual for whom the children of Israel longed as a result of the … [Read more...]

The Playboy Readers -Recruiting Ground for the Priesthood

By Ray FerrisUnder a New York Times News Service designation, dated March 31, 1972, the Chicago Tribune ran a news release regarding "an ecclesiastical bonanza" that had been discovered by a Catholic priest recently. "The Roman Catholic priest who bought a full-page advertisement in Playboy magazine … [Read more...]

A Report on the Philippine Work

By Dudley R. SpearsBrother James P. Needham and I were the third pair of American brethren to visit with and work with the conservative Philippine brethren. We followed brethren Roy Cogdill, Cecil Willis, J. T. Smith and Connie Adams. The work these men did in their trips was indeed a great help to … [Read more...]

EDITORIAL — Lemmons Butchers the Truth (I)

By Cecil WillisWithout doubt, one of the most interesting subjects of our time for character study is Reuel Lemmons, editor of the Firm Foundation published at Austin, Texas. Regardless of how one attempts to add up the totality of what Lemmons says, it does not make sense to any completely rational … [Read more...]

This I Believe

By Randall Mark Trainer1. The sixty-six books of the Holy Scriptures were produced under the direct supervision of the Holy Spirit and thus constitute the Word of God. This supervision extended to both the thoughts and words. The original manuscripts were totally free from error of any kind.2. The … [Read more...]


By Ray FerrisIn Acts, chapter eight, we have the account of a man and his thoughts that emphasizes the need f or careful thinking; for what a man thinks may cause him to lose his soul eternally. The sorcerer had believed and obeyed, as had the others who were Christians in Samaria (vs. 12-13). Now … [Read more...]

A Notable Miracle?

By Vernon Love "The Marked Tree Church of Christ, 409 Broadway, Marked Tree, Ark. offers $1000 cash to any modern day faith heater, who can perform a bonafide miracle, like the New Testament miracles, (as in Acts 4:16), upon a local resident, who has been examined before and after by two … [Read more...]

Set for the Defense — Review of the “Jesus Only” Doctrine

By Larry HafleyIntroductionA copy of a tract published by the United Pentecostal Church, P.O. Box 879, Makati Rizal D-708, Republic of the Philippines, entitled, "Mystery of All Mysteries God in Christ," has been sent to me by a Christian in the Philippines with the request that I review it. The … [Read more...]