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Archives for June 2012

“Lord, Be With Us . . .”

By Morris HafleyYou have no doubt heard about the preacher's wife who went to the doctor's office and told him that she had a snoring problem and the doctor asked, "Does it bother your husband? " She responded, "It bothers the whole congregation!" Robert Turner has probably already used this little … [Read more...]

Have Ye Not Read?

By Hoyt H. HouchenQuestion: If one is a member of the Christian Church, does he have to be "rebaptized" to become a member of the Lord's church? What about John's baptism in Acts 19.3-5 regarding this? Is it left up to the elders to decide this question, and if a church is without elders, who makes … [Read more...]

Why Then The Law? Galatians 3:19

By Robert F. TurnerA friend writes, "In Galatians 3:19 we are told the law was added because of transgressions. That seems strange, because without law there is no sin. Is this saying that what was a sin under the Old Law was already a sin before the law, but the law had to point it out? Did the law … [Read more...]

World Bible School

By Lowell BlasingameOne of the most frequently asked questions by Nigerian brethren is, "What is World Bible School?" Much time and money has been spent there in promoting it for the spread of the gospel.Action, a monthly religious publication founded by Jimmie Lovell and presently edited by Reuel … [Read more...]

Humanly Manufactured Virtues

By Warren E. BerkleyVirtue is "the quality of moral excellence" (American Heritage Dictionary of English Language, p. 1432). This definition immediately raises the question of standard. By whose standard will we regard a thing as morally excellent and, therefore, virtuous? The child of God doesn't … [Read more...]

The Positive Thinking Philosophy Its Doctrinal Assertions

By Mike Willis Having given in my last article a brief overview of the historical development of the positive thinking philosophy, I want to call attention to some of the main doctrinal affirmations which have become popular as a result of the movement. In case some might misunderstand me, I … [Read more...]

What We Need Is Less Love

By Edward O. Bragwell, Sr.Ask nearly any Christian: what is the one thing we (church, family, society) most need today? You will likely hear "love." No doubt there is a shameful lack of love among many professed Christians. However, I would like to put in a plug for less love among brethren with … [Read more...]

The Bible In Japan

By Randy S. Reese Sr.The story of the Bible in Japan is a fascinating one. Many things that actually did happen seem improbable.The Bible's initial introduction to Japan came through Francis Xavier in 1549. Xavier brought with him a copy of the Gospel of Matthew, which had been translated by a young … [Read more...]

Biblical Authority (2)

By Forrest D. MoyerII. The "Author" of Bible Authority.A. We cannot talk about "authority" without talking about "author" from which our word "authority" comes. The real question concerning religious practice is, "Who is the author of the practice?"B. The prime authority is God (1 Cor. 15:27). He … [Read more...]

Men Who Should Not Preach

By Donald TownsleyThe word of God has much to say about preachers and preaching. The New Testament says much about the qualifications of men who preach the gospel. Men who preach should be Christians in the fullest sense of the word. They must: (1) Be careful students of the word of God (2 Tim. … [Read more...]