When Did the Kingdom Come?

Rolland W. Fritz
Ft. Wayne, Indiana

That the kingdom did not come prior to nor during the personal ministry of Jesus is obvious when we consider the following points:

1. Mt. 3:2 - John said the kingdom was at hand.

2. Mt. 4:17 - Jesus also said the kingdom was at hand.

3. Mt. 6: 10 - In Jesus' example of prayer the Father was besought to soon usher in the kingdom.

4. Mt. 10: 7 - It was still only near.

5. Mt. 11:12 - Jesus shows that some attempted to force it into existence prematurely. (cf. Jn. 6:14; Mt. 20::21; Lk. 19:11, 36-38; Acts 1:6; Lk. 22:24-39)

6. Mt. 16:18 - Peter was to be given the keys of the kingdom Jesus said he would build.

7. Mt. 16:28 - Jesus said that some living then would still be alive to see the kingdom come; they were not to die till then.

8. Mt. 18:1 - The disciples were wondering who would be greatest in the kingdom when it came. Verse 3 shows that they were not yet in it.

9. Mt. 19:28 - Jesus was not yet on his throne in his kingdom.

10. Mt. 20:21 - James and John wished to sit on either side of Jesus in his kingdom when it began or came into existence. (Jesus explained this in verse 23.)

11. Mt. 26:29 - Jesus stated he would not drink wine with the disciples again until he did so in the kingdom.

12. Lk. 23:42 - The robber on the cross asked Jesus to remember him when he came into his kingdom. Jesus' answer shows it bad not yet come.

Jesus yielded up his spirit soon after this last event took place and his kingdom had not come yet. Even after his resurrection his disciples were questioning Jesus about the beginning of his kingdom (Acts 1:6-7). It is obvious, therefore, that the kingdom did not come into existence prior to, or during the personal ministry of Jesus.

July 1968