Orphan Homes and Colleges

Clifton Inman
Parkersburg, West Virginia

At a meeting in Canton, Ohio, back in April of this year this writer pointed out to a questioner that R. L. Whiteside, Cled Wallace, and others had, in Bible Banner, replied several years ago to the contention that Bible Colleges and Orphan Homes belonged in the same category as relates to contributions from church treasuries.

Their answer was that the Bible teaches the church to care for orphans; it nowhere teaches them to give instruction in Chemistry, biology, mathematics, etc. So long as this distinction was maintained there was no danger that the colleges would "bed down" in the church treasuries. But today, when both those who are in favor of church support of colleges and those who are opposed to it contend that there is no difference there is great danger that the colleges will soon be supported from church treasuries.

Every considerate man and faithful Bible student will in time see that the church should support orphan homes when the need arises. Convince him that the college is in the same category and he will be contending that the college too should be supported from the church treasury without ever taking time to weigh its merits.

Any paper or individual then who contends that the college and the orphan home are parallel is only hastening the day when the college will be supported from church treasuries. But they are not parallel. Churches are taught to support orphans. Who has legal custody of them while the church supports them is not specified. But the church is not taught to give instruction in science, literature, arts, etc. These are parental obligations with which the church should not be charged.

Truth Magazine: VIII, 1, p.1b October 1963.