Another Associate Editor

We are happy to announce the addition of James P. Needham of Louisville, Kentucky to the working staff of TRUTH MAGAZINE. Brother Needham is going to serve as an Associate Editor, and will also now manage TRUTH MAGAZINE'S bookstore. For about ten years, Brother Needham has operated his own bookstore called "Bible Bulwarks Bookstore." His long experience in book handling assures TRUTH MAGAZINE customers of continued good service.

Brother Needham needs no introduction either to the brotherhood or to TRUTH MAGAZINE readers. His ability, zeal, knowledge, and directness already have commended him to brethren everywhere as a faithful and able preacher and writer. He has done full-time evangelistic work in Texas, Kentucky and Florida during the past decade. He now works with the Expressway congregation in Louisville.

For about two years Brother Needham published his own paper called BIBLE BULWARKS. He has written for nearly all of the papers published by faithful brethren. The Expressway church bulletin almost entirely is composed of material written from his prolific pen. This neat and pungent publication goes into about 2,000 homes weekly. Long time readers of TRUTH MAGAZINE recognize Brother Needham as a capable writer since he served for some time as a staff writer when Brother Bryan Vinson, Jr. edited the paper.

We are glad to have the assurance of James Needham's assistance in the publication and distribution of TRUTH MAGAZINE. His experience, ability and energetic efforts will make TRUTH MAGAZINE a better paper. Look for his frequent articles. You will be glad you did!

Truth Magazine, VIII: 1, p.7 October 1963