Where to Next Sir?

Warren Cheatham
Cincinnati, Ohio

In a recent gospel effort there arose from divers persons (all of them members of the body of Christ) questions about certain practices in our brotherhood. So many things were brought up which had no scriptural background that it makes us wonder how far some will go. Only a few years ago if one had mentioned support of a school from the treasury of the church (aside from the Bible school of the church), chances are pretty good he would have been virtually withdrawn from. Now it is different -- in fact the chance is pretty good that the one who questions the practice is liable to be withdrawn from. Some brethren are NAIVE enough to think there is no danger from this kind of teaching, and really believe that its only words, that it really could never happen -- Brethren wake up -- It is happening already.

We want to pass on to you a few things (presently accepted by many), which we believe to be unscriptural.

1. Church support of colleges.

2. Church support of a Missionary Society, even if freed from abuses.

3. Church support of the Sponsoring Church -- such as "The Herald of Truth" and "The Message of the Master."

4. Church support of Benevolent Societies.

5. Church supported parties such as skating, boating, etc.

6. Church supported camps and there are many prominent ones in the U. S. A. today-- examples: Tanda and Shilo.

All of this causes us to wonder, WHERE TO NEXT, SIR? Do you say, "That's it; we will go no further." Even if it were as far as brethren were going to go, it would be too far. But, dear friend, that's not as far as brethren are going. There is more -- much more. Farms, dairies, hospitals, preacher factories and the- like. How far are you prepared to go?

Truth of the matter is we should not have started -- and those who have started need to turn back. This is only the beginning. Men are already leaving (in many cases have left) the word of God. Let me pass on to you a few quotations from brethren in the Lord's church as of September 1963. "New Testament examples are not binding," which takes the work of the church from the church. "The Lord's Table is not bound to the first day of the week observance." "We know we don't have a scripture for our practice." And if that is not bad enough then note the next one: "We don't have to have a scripture for our practice."

Brethren, WHERE TO NEXT? All the faithful are praying it will be BACK TO THE BIBLE FOR IT ALL.

Truth Magazine VIII: 4, p. 24 January 1964