"A Note From Brother Plum"

C. D. Plum

Lord willing, about the eleventh or twelfth of November I shall enter the Presbyterian Hospital for a major abdominal operation. The Presbyterian Hospital, 5th Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is owned and operated by the Pittsburgh University. It is reputed to be one of the best. I am told the operation could prove to be serious, though it may not be so. I have no choice, and whether serious or not it has to be done. I am conscious of the fact I face eternity sooner or later. Also I am conscious of the fact that as a man, like all other men and women, I have not lived a perfectly sinless life. Who besides Jesus has? But I am happy to tell you that: "The faith I live by is easy to die by." God's word is right. Men need correction. They need the mercy and forgiveness of God, and I am no exception, but the word of God is "perfect," it needs no correction, no additions, and no subtractions. The church of our Lord is "complete" (Col. 2:10). The Word of God guiding the church makes it an all-sufficient divine organization for missionary work, charity work, and self-edification. The church has existed, and the church can continue to exist without any human organization under the sun. The church should do her own work, and not send her funds to support any human organization to do it. This is New Testament faith. This is my belief, and should be your belief. Yes, this faith I live by is easy to die by.

My daughter's condition does not improve. She is a good Christian.

But God and Jesus have been good to us. My precious companion and I are counting our blessings instead of our woes. Every child of ours, every grand child, every in-law is in the church. We have, like others, so many blessings. Thank thee, dear God, through Jesus. And thank thee for my brethren, too, brethren, tried and true. May thy wandering children come home.

May all our prayers be, as was the prayer of Jesus: "Thy will be done".

Truth Magazine IX: 3, p.1a
December 1964