The Day Everything Went Wrong

Robert Turner
Burnet, Texas

It was Monday morning. I arose from bed feeling as sick as I had said I felt yesterday-- to excuse my absence from worship. At the breakfast table m y wife growled at me the way I usually growl at her--and I was stunned into silence. She read the paper while I gulped a cup of coffee, then she stormed off to do shopping without even saying good-bye.

On the way into town another car ran a red light, the same one I ran as I came home Saturday -- and crumpled my left front fender. The driver's liability insurance had expired--by some strange coincidence, on the same day I had dropped mine.

When I finally got to work, the office force had already taken the easy jobs, and I was saddled with the tough-decision tasks. During the day an internal revenue man called on my boss, and then informed me that I must actually pay all the "expenses" I had dreamed up for income tax report. To top it all, my boss cut my salary to conform to the gross income I claimed.

Through the day, people did unto me as I had done to them - talked about me, short changed me, and tried to beat me to every parking place.

That evening the preacher called, and assured me that the Lord would bless me in keeping with my liberality--which meant a cold year ahead. When I prayed for forgiveness, God said He would treat me like I had treated those who trespassed against me.

How much worse can things get??? I'M CATCHING UP WITH ME! ! !

Truth Magazine IX, 3: p. 21
December 1964