The Beast

Eva Abney

Above the horizon dark shadows are rising
The beast has come forth from his den,
To dominate and rule by his powerful hand
And to take freedom and liberty from man.

Yes, the beast has come forth in his folly
To render and break all our rules.
Will we allow him to take over our freedom
And place his evil will in our schools?

Awake! dear children of God, Awake!
Awake from out of your slumber!
Fear not to stand up for the Saviour
And keep the evil one out of our number.

Why stand ye idle, as Jesus has said,
You know there is work to be done!
Put on the whole armor of God, He said
And fight the wiles of the evil one.

Put on the breast plate of righteousness,
Take the sword of the Spirit in hand,
Put on the helmet of salvation, dear ones
And fight for the freedom of man.

Take up the strong shield of faith,
Dear ones, Be firm but humble in heart,
Shoe your feet with the preparation of peace
And quench the evil one's fiery darts.

Truth Magazine IX: 10, p. 6
July 1965