The American Christian Review

Cecil Willis

The one hundred and ten year old American Christian Review ceased publication with the belated January, February, and March 1965 issue. It was the oldest continuously published paper put out by brethren.

Started in 1856 by the noble Benjamin Franklin, the Review constituted a mighty force against the digression of the past century. Brother Daniel Sommer became owner and publisher of the paper in 1894, and he and those associated with him, exerted a tremendous influence on what churches in the North were saved from the great digression. On nearly every church saved, Daniel Sommer, in those early days, had some influence, either directly or indirectly.

Since Brother Daniel Sommer's death in 1940, the paper has continued to be published by his children, Allen and Bessie, and at great personal sacrifice. In the last two issues, which many of you would like to read, a historical resume of the Review and its writers is given (Write Allen Sommer, 904 Udell St.' Indianapolis, Ind.). Send 50c for these two issues.

Brother Sommer gave me a little attention in the last issue, stating that "we do suspicion that Willis is also most seriously afflicted with the 'Sommer complaint."' He accused me of "crooked reporting," and classes me with some whom he says have a "stupid hatred for Daniel Sommer and The Review." I disavow all these charges, but am not even offended by them. Brother Sommer has the perfect liberty to say what he wants to say about me or anything else.

I may be effusively sentimental, but I am touched when an aged man such as Brother Sommer writes, "So we'll close the dimmed eyes, fold the tired hands, pull over all the cover of respectful mourning, lower the blinds, step across the threshold, quietly close the door, stand a moment in silent salute to A Great and Wonderful Past . . . and walk slowly away . . . Farewell, dear ones! " A significant bit of history is gone when the Review is gone.

Truth Magazine IX: 12, p. 1a
September 1965