Along the Far Western U.S.-Mexico Border

Charles House
San Luis, Arizona, USA


Total baptisms to date along the border, 10; Identifications at San Luis, to date, 10; Restored from the world and the liberal church, 3.


Baptistery, 2 dressing rooms, toilets and classroom still under construction. Roof now on, and window and doorframes are now in.

Regular Services at San Luis R. C. Sonora, MexicoPREACHING: Sundays 10:30 A. M. and 5: 0B P. M.; Wednesdays 7:30 P. M.

BIBLE STUDY: Fridays 7:3() P. M. My wife, Marvel, teaches the children's class on Wednesdays' Fridays and Sundays. New people coming regularly.

Of the six men in the congregation, DAVID, ARELLANO, and JUAN RODRIGUEZ, in addition to CHARLES HOUSE, all do preaching. Juan, formerly from the state of Nuevo Leon has identified here and is preaching, doing personal work, and teaching in cottage classes and in the assembly. We are so very fortunate to have him associated with us here at San Luis. The church has plans for starting a preacher's training program within the future, which will give these young men still more opportunity to teach, as well as prepare themselves better to do the work of the master. Attendance has now reached 47.

Returns Clothing After Learning the Truth

One family from the liberal church recently identified with us here at San Luis Mexico. They learned the difference between the church offering only the Gospel of Christ and the other church offering food and clothing to aliens, to get them to come to services. They have now returned the clothing they received from the other group.

Face to Face Discussion

Charles and Marvel House met in the home of a SALVATION ARMY family recently (In San Luis USA). The plan of salvation was taught, including the one church (in English). The man and his wife attended a service with us, and heard the same plan preached publicly (in Spanish) (then translated for him), that we had taught privately. Let us pray for this family that God will open their hearts to the Truth of His Word.

New Door of Opportunity Opened in Mexico: Radio Break-Through!

A recent change in Mexican law has made it possible for limited radio preaching to be done in the Republic of Mexico. At present, we are negotiating for suitable programs, and CHARLES HOUSE and SANTOS GOMEZ are devoting two days per week to the preparation and taping of 28-minute programs. They include preaching, and singing. All in the Spanish language of course. Music is a capella. The announcements and prayers are by SANTOS and the preaching by CHARLES HOUSE. A free New Testament plus a correspondence course will be offered the hearer. Pray for us that much good will come from this new opportunity presented to us.

Would You Be This Faithful to Your Lord and Savior?

One Mexican brother in one of the border towns has been disowned by his wife and grown children, and banished from the home and family, because of his convictions regarding the teachings of the New Testament church. Another man, who was baptized during my meeting at Caborca Mexico in January, has broken his engagement with his fiancée, since she will not give up her Catholic faith. He has one sister in the flesh, who wants to learn more of the Lord's Will, with the end in view of coming to this area to obey the Gospel of Christ. He has just returned from the interior after visiting his family since they wouldn't answer his letters, after learning that he had left the Roman Catholic Church and obeyed the Gospel of Christ.

Truth Magazine IX: 12, p. 19
September 1965