January 19, 2019


By Mike WillisThe major belief of the Seventh Day loudest "Amen" comes from the SeventhAdventists Church which distinguishes it from other denominations is, as its name suggests, its belief in the observance of the Sabbath. The reason for this belief, as shown in the following quotations, is the … [Read more...]

The Complainers

By Yater TantMaybe we ought to call them "the whiners." They are that considerable group of people in nearly all the liberal churches who are constantly fussing about the liberalism and modern ism in those congregations. They repeatedly assert: "I dont go along' with all this Cows for Korea,' … [Read more...]

The Three Methods of Argument to Establish Divine Authority and the Three Arguments in Acts 15(Part III)

By D. E. KoltenbahIII. The Argument by Paul and Barnabas1. The first missionary journey of Paul and Barnabas (Acts 13 & 14): The Jewish Mission. The second speech made at the Jerusalem conference 7as a summary of the journey across Cyprus and the circuit through Asia Minor. Luke, with … [Read more...]

Willis-Carrell Discussion, Third Negative

By Cecil Willis58. Please keep in mind the relative responsibilities of the participants in this discussion.It is the duty of Brother Carrell to present scriptural authority for 2000 churches to function through one eldership. Yet in p. 83 he asked me to prove the sending churches did not send … [Read more...]

Willis-Carrell Discussion Third Affirmative

By Wm. L. CarrellRESOLVED: "That it is in harmony with New Testament teaching for one or more congregations to send money from their treasuries to another congregation, (Highland Avenue in Abilene or any other) for the purpose of supporting a nationwide radio broadcast or telecast (Herald of Truth … [Read more...]

How to Increase Contributions

By Leslie DiestelkampThe affluent prosperity that prevails in American homes is also evident to a considerable degree in church contributions. Many, many congregations axe giving very large amounts. An average of three dollars per person per Sunday is quite common, I believe. This includes men, … [Read more...]

The Three Methods of Argument to Establish Divine Authority and the Three Arguments in Acts 15 – (Part II)

By D. E. KoltenbahIn the previous article I briefly reviewed the common method by which is presented the three modes of argument establishing divine authority, viz. an inductive method in which various examples of the application of each type of argument to sundry doctrinal or historical problems … [Read more...]

Preachers and Preaching Number (7)

By James P. NeedhamIn Paul's letters to Timothy, he deals with the preacher's duty from numerous angles. In these articles we want to be rather thorough in studying these matters. We firmly believe that many problems with preachers come about due to a lack of understanding of the work of preachers … [Read more...]

Willis-Carrell Discussion Second Negative

By Cecil Willis31. Please take another look at the proposition. From Brother Carrell's first two articles you could never tell that he is trying to present script u r a I authority for 2000 churches to s p e n d $2,239,250.00 annually through one eldership. From his articles you would think the … [Read more...]

How Does This Grab YOU?

By Luther BlackmonIn the March 7, 1967 edition of the Plain Dealer (Cleveland newspaper) there was an article about a judge in Phoenix, Arizona who is faced with a decision which I dare say is unique in the history of jurisprudence. He is expected to render a decision, involving a great deal of … [Read more...]