November 15, 2018

“‘Doctors Cannot Heal”

By C. D. PlumBefore you read this article, let me admonish you as follows:Think, please, before you rave,And think of me as being naive.Since what I write is "written",By it you'll not besmitten.But trouble startsfrom those who go,To teaching thingsthat are not so.Any scripture misapplied,Is as … [Read more...]

Knowledge and Conduct

By Donald R. GivensIn the pursuit of knowledge let one beware of failing to apply it in his personal conduct. Biblical knowledge is vital to one's spiritual wellbeing. We can be destroyed for a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4: 6). But knowledge is not an end within itself. It is to be used for a glorious … [Read more...]

The Bible and Birth Control

By James P. Needham(Editor's Note: In keeping with our desire to furnish our readers with a good selection of material on a wide variety of subjects, we are reproducing the following from a tract that deals with a topic of widespread interest. The author deals with a delicate subject in a discreet … [Read more...]

Some Interesting Facts About South Africa

By Paul K. WilliamsFact 1: The white population of South Africa drinks more hard liquor per person than the inhabitants of any other country.Fact 2: The white population of South Africa has the highest divorce rate in the world.Fact 3: The average automobile in Johannesburg will be involved in an … [Read more...]

It is Time to Wake Up!

By Jerry F. BassettIn the past few years, an ever growing number of brethren have been warning against the loose and liberal attitudes being manifest by many elders and preachers, and by many who blindly follow them. Admittedly, more have ignored these warnings than have listened. As is usual in … [Read more...]

“. . . What Doth Hinder Me to be Baptized? “

By Mel MyersDid Philip the evangelist answer this question? Did the preacher tell this man what he could fail to do so as not to become a Christian? Did Philip stress the fact that the eunuch had to believe in Christ?What about repentance? There is no indication that Philip informed this man that he … [Read more...]

Stand Up, Be Counted And Fight!

By J. Wiley AdamsIn every religious controversy there are those who lack the courage to fight for what they know is right. The very thought of challenging error and its proponents causes their hearts to melt within them and their blood to become as water. In private discussion they wax eloquent and … [Read more...]

The Aged in New Testament Teaching

By Bill EcholsWhile gerontology is one of the newer branches of social science, many of the problems with which it is concerned were discussed in the New Testament. The apostles of Jesus recognized the potential and position of the aged, and taught their followers accordingly.The principles they … [Read more...]

Pressing the Battle

By P. J. CaseboltHistory is simply a giant collection of reruns, and looking back, we read with suspense of the many battles that were lost because someone failed to press the advantage just when the foe was reeling. Poor judgment, inaccurate intelligence reports, faulty communication, and outright … [Read more...]

“But Look How Much Good It Has Done”

By Cecil WillisFor more than a hundred years, brethren who have sought to justify human institutions to do the work of the church or unscriptural cooperative arrangements have attempted to do so on pragmatic grounds. When such an effort is made, one tacitly admits that be as no scripture to … [Read more...]