January 18, 2019

Use Truth Magazine!

By Daniel H. KingWhat do you think of Truth Magazine? Do you consider it a good medium of teaching? Do you enjoy the presentation of biblical topics which the writers attempt on a weekly basis? Do you appreciate the strong stand taken by the editor and writers for "book, chapter, and verse" in … [Read more...]

The Gospel Guardian and Truth Magazine (No more twain but one in name and purpose.)

By Theron N. BohannanThis is not to announce a paper or new magazine but rather a combination of two great names under which God's wonderful truths have been and shall continue to be proclaimed and every error and ideology of men shall be exposed and dissected with the "sword of the Spirit" of God … [Read more...]

Volume XXIV Completed

By Mike WillisThis issue of Truth Magazine completes twenty-four years of consecutive publication. Through the years, Truth Magazine has been a medium for discussion of issues which were troubling brethren. The paper was born during the discussion of the sponsoring church and of church support of … [Read more...]

Crossroads: Philosophy, Foolishness or Fidelity (2)

By James L. YoppCrossroads And Other ChurchesIn conversing with the elders and preacher at Crossroads, they seemed startled when I told them I had the same objections to their practices that I had to the other liberal-minded churches of Christ. Aside from the few things mentioned earlier, they are … [Read more...]

The Buxton — McCord Debate

By David D. BonnerIn the last two weeks of October, Ronald Buxton, preacher for the Southside church of Christ in Duncan, Oklahoma and T. Grady McCord, preacher for the Jesus Name Church in Comanche, Oklahoma, engaged in an eight-night debate on the subjects of the Godhead (whether there are three … [Read more...]

Miracles — Then and Now

By Lynn TrappIn the world today there are multitudes of people who claim either they or others have power from God to perform miracles. In spite of clear New Testament teachings that miracles (being part and parcel of the apostolic message) were confined to the apostolic age, these persons continue … [Read more...]

Dealing With Souls

By Wallace H. LittleI hear of situations where ambitious preachers fight with elders, and as a result, churches divide. I read of situations where Diotrephes', masquerading as elders, act as lords over God's heritage, to divide it. I learn of situations where stubborn and willful brethren, … [Read more...]

Bible Basics: The Spirit Of Change

By Earl RobertsonThere is nothing inherently or basically wrong with change. In fact, in many instances it is good and healthy. However, in religion no change can be made or engaged in the word or the actions it causes. The means and methods employed in carrying out what the word of God teaches will … [Read more...]

A Long Range View of Apostasy

By Dan WaltersThe January 17, 1978, issue of the Firm Foundation contains a remarkably frank interview with Brother Hugo McCord of Oklahoma Christian College. When asked his opinion of the future of the church, Brother McCord said that there is a likely possibility that the church will "give up … [Read more...]

Changes In Denominationalism

By Mike WillisThrough the years, denominationalism has changed. The attitudes of denominationalists which demonstrated themselves on the American frontier and which the Campbells confronted was one of bitter division. Each Protestant denomination was at war with Roman Catholicism and with every … [Read more...]