February 17, 2019

Restoring The Ancient Order

By Bobby L. GrahamNear the end of the Southern Kingdom of Judah, during the reign of good King Hezekiah (ca. 724-695 B.C.), an effort to restore the ancient for order of religious practices was successfully undertaken with the full backing and leadership of this righteous ruler. The restoration had … [Read more...]

Church Cooperation: An Historical Perspective

By Wayne GoforthIt has been argued by our institutional friends that "no one believed the things presently taught by the anti movement prior to the 1950's." Thomas B. Warren states this in his "Lectures on Church Cooperation" as well as did Bill Jackson in his lecture on "The Challenge of Anti-ism." … [Read more...]

Pearls From Proverbs

By Irvin HimmelWearing Out Our WelcomeWithdraw thy foot from thy neighbor's house; lest he be weary of thee, and so hate thee (Prov. 25:17).My first acquaintance with this proverb was during my freshman year in college. Some of the boys whose dormitory room was down the hall from mine had posted … [Read more...]

What Is Wrong With Gambling?

By Tom M. RobertsIntroduction: Many states are now investigating gambling as a source of revenue. (Texas defeated part-mutual betting May 6, 1978 but it is back as an issue at this time. The Speaker of the House in Texas is a member of the church but on record as favoring gambling.) Many people look … [Read more...]

Do You Know Jesus To Be The Son Of God?

By S. Leonard TylerThe story of Jesus' healing the blind man of John 9 offers us a great illustration of one who knows Jesus as the Son of God. After the healing, the miracle was so recognized that no one, who accepted the man as the one who was blind, could doubt for a minute the greatness of the … [Read more...]

The Model Prayer (2)

By Johnny Stringer"Thy Will Be Done"Since God knows what is best, it is best for His will to be done. We should deeply desire for His will to be done "on earth as it is in heaven." His will is perfectly done in heaven, and we should desire for it to be perfectly done on earth. We know it never will … [Read more...]

David Lipscomb on “Newspaper Wrangles”

By O.C. Birdwell, Jr.Religious journals have long been used as an excellent means to get before the reading public different positions that are taken on numerous biblical and religious subjects. Since there are obvious differences on many subjects there needs to be a discussion of those differences … [Read more...]

Debaters And Exhorters

By Mike WillisIn recent months, considerable interest has been manifested on the subjects of "positive" and "negative" preaching. I have been reading in preparation for some future writing on the positive thinking philosophy circulated by Norman Vincent Peale, Mary Baker Eddy, Oral Roberts, and many … [Read more...]

Have Ye Not Read?

By Hoyt H. HouchenQuestion: Why do brethren sometimes have such a hard time getting along with one another?Reply: At the root of dissension is the devil. We must always be aware that he is around and active (1 Pet. 5:8). He is pleased when he can divide brethren. He is very pleased if he can cause … [Read more...]

Worshiping God Acceptably

By Jimmy TutenIntroduction:1. In the church we have placed great emphasis upon worshiping God acceptably according to the N.T. pattern. We have engaged only in those things that are authorized in the Word of God. This is right and it should continue.2. It is apparent, however, that we have … [Read more...]