January 18, 2019

“There Arose A Generation”

By Irven LeeMoses found a people who were not well informed about God when he went back to Egypt to lead Israel out of bondage. The Lord sent him for this task. It was not a strong faith in Israel that sent out an invitation to Moses to help them escape bondage and find freedom in a land flowing … [Read more...]

The Binding of Satan

By Forrest D. Morris Some passages of Scripture receive more than their share of speculative interpretation. Such is certainly true of Revelation 20. Millennial theorists have given all sorts of fanciful treatments of this chapter. One of the most often asked questions in our Bible study groups is … [Read more...]

“No, I Don’t Like Churches or Preachers”

By Bob F. OwenSeveral years ago I preached in a gospel meeting in the small community where my wife and I have lived for thirty-five years. Having formed many friendships in the community through serving on the City Council, we saw a special chance to get some of these friends to study the Bible … [Read more...]

Introducing A New Series: “Footnotes”

By Steve WolfgangSeveral years ago, while producing a church bulletin with a sizeable mailing list, I borrowed an idea from my good friend, Ed Harrell. He had written a series of "Footnotes" for the front page of a church bulletin in Birmingham in the 1970s. These "Footnotes" consisted of short … [Read more...]

Like-Mindedness: A Neglected Duty

By Earl Kimbrough The Philippian Christians aroused such joy in Paul that he continually thanked God for them (Phil. 1:3). They comprised a model church, except for a hint of discord that gave the apostle concern. The trouble was nothing like that at Corinth. But even a healthy church can become … [Read more...]

Organization Of The Church

By Larry Ray Hafley One of the major differences between the church described in the pages of the New Testament and modern denominational churches is that of organization or church government. Since a number of our regular readers are members of various denominations, it may be profitable to … [Read more...]

Must I Attend Every Service of the Church? (3)

By H.E. PhillipsReasons For Attending All Services And My Obligations To GodNot only are there reasons relating to ourselves and our fellow man for attending every service of the church, but we have certain obligations to God that demand our faithful attendance to every service.1. Every child of God … [Read more...]

What Can We Give To The Lord?

By S. Leonard TylerOur thinking is usually in terms of what God gives to us. This is so impressed upon us throughout the Book of God that it is hard for one to realize that we have something that God wants us to give him. Not that God must have it to exist or even to accomplish his design but we are … [Read more...]

A Review Of The Sharp-Polk Debate

By Jeff AsherOn September 28,29,30 and October 1, Keith Sharp met Johnnie Polk, in Stamps, Arkansas to discuss in public debate four propositions that pertained to the work of the church in evangelism and benevolence. This was the last in a series of two debates arranged by brethren in Stamps and … [Read more...]

My Thanks And Gratitude To James W. Adams

By H. Wayne JonesIt has been my good fortune, personally and spiritually, to have been afforded the opportunity to be associated and to work closely with James W. Adams. I know him to be gracious, kind, dignified, strong in the faith, exemplary in conduct, uncompromising regarding truth, zealous yet … [Read more...]