February 17, 2019

The Downfall Of A Young Man (2)

By Tommy L. McClureThe Person Doing the Tempting1. She was not a common prostitute, but a married wife (vv. 19,20). She was "out on the prowl" while the goodman (her husband) was away on a long journey.It is evident that she was well-off financially from the manner in which she had decked and … [Read more...]

Cling To His Remains: Ingersoll Family In Despair Widow and Daughters of the Infidel Refuse to Part From or Allow His Body to Be Cremated – Funeral Held – Scene of Desolation.

Special to the Chicago RecordDobbs Ferry, N.Y., July 25. - Desolation describes the scene tonight at Walstein, within whose walls lies the body of Col. Robert G. Ingersoll, agnostic. About his bier cling three women - his widow and his two daughters. To them the form on bier is all that is left of … [Read more...]

“Try A Little Tenderness”

By Larry Ray HafleyA radio station in Chicago used to play soft, gentle music. Their motto was the title of this theme. It is good advice. "Gentleness" is a fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22). "And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted" (Eph. 4:32). "Comfort the feebleminded (faint), support the … [Read more...]

Church History: Origin Of The Christian Church

By Aude McKeeIntroduction:I. In the last lesson, we studied the efforts of men to "restore the ancient order."A. James O'Kelly in Virginia and North Carolina.B. Elias Smith and Abner Jones in the Northeast.C. Barton W. Stone in Kentucky.D. Thomas and Alexander Campbell in Pennsylvania, Virginia and … [Read more...]

No Place Like Home

By F. David MoyerThere's no place like home. " This is most certainly true, and it becomes more meaningful when we look at the importance God has placed upon the function of the home.The home is the place where the first and most lasting impressions are made. Those who are tasked by God to operate … [Read more...]

Date Setters

By Mark MayberryThe coming of Christ is a central theme of the Bible. The Old Testament anticipated the coming of Christ; the Gospels bear witness to the fact that he did come; and the Epistles emphasize that he is coming again. Frequently the question arises, "When will Christ return?" The Bible … [Read more...]

Controlling Our Temper

By R.J. EvansBrother John Clark once related a story about a woman who told a preacher she had a bad temper, but that it was over in a minute. "So is a shotgun blast, but it blows everything to pieces," was the preacher's reply. And far too many of us who are Christians are triggered by the least … [Read more...]

“The Word, Is Not Bound”

By Alan JonesSteve Freeze, out brother in Christ, an inmate at the Indiana Youth Center, recently pleaded with me to take time out of my busy schedule and do some writing about my work of taking the gospel to the imprisoned. He has a great desire for many brethren to be informed of this tremendous … [Read more...]

Is It Possible To Preach Christ And Not Preach The Plan Of Salvation Or To Preach, Christ And Not Preach The Church?

By Donald TownsleyFrom time to time men set forth the doctrine that we should "preach Christ" and leave the controversial subjects of the plan of salvation and the church alone. Some say, "just preach the man and not the plan"; others says, "preach Christ and not the church." Their idea is that we … [Read more...]

Church Bulletins

By David A. PadfieldIt is with "fear and trembling" I approach the subject of church bulletins. A few years ago many congregations stopped their bulletis due to increasing postage costs. Some have even suggested that the "day" of church bulletins is over. I believe the printed page is an excellent … [Read more...]