December 16, 2018

Truth Magazine Online Edition May 2017

THEME ARTICLES Sports & Exercise: The Athlete & The Christian Jake Locklear Indoor Activities: Television, Movies & Music Bruce Reeves Indoor Activities: Playing Video Games Ryan Mayberry The Lure of the Lottery Richie Thetford Escapism Through Alcohol and Drugs Steve … [Read more...]

Truth Magazine Online Edition April 2017

THEME ARTICLESYoung Man, What Are You Going To Do? Tadd Corder Reflections and Remembrances Bobby Graham Book Reviews Chris Reeves Neo-Catastrophism and the Death of Uniformitarianism Joshua Gurtler Do You Care What’s Right or Wrong? Dennis Abernathy “Locker Room Talk” Joseph … [Read more...]

August 2011 Truth Magazine Online

Jephthah and Jehovah Mike Willis Is It Gossip? Jesse Flowers The Fourfold Witness of Christ David Dann The Beatification of the Pope Lewis willis Signs, Wonders and Miracles Daniel H. King, Sr. Cecil Douthitt (1945-2011) Heath Rogers Colossae Mike … [Read more...]

July 2011 Truth Magazine

Editorial Briefs Mike Willis “Deliver Such an One unto Satan” Connie W. Adams Questions and Answers Bobby Graham Beware the Extremist Barney Keith (1920-2011) Jack Howard: He Has “Finished the Race” Bobby R. Holmes Why I Believe in Organized Religion Dick … [Read more...]

June 2011 Truth Magazine

Hold Fast The Pattern Mike Willis Hold Fast the Pattern John Isaac Edwards History of Man’s Departures from God’s Patterns David Halbrook The Restrictive Nature of Patterns Marc Gibson Patterns in the Old Testament Johnie Edwards Does The New Testament Constitute a … [Read more...]

May 2011 Truth Magazine

Be Strong and Couragous Mike Willis How Can We Be like Jesus? Olen Holderby Think of Me — “Pop” Donald Fred Willis February 9, 1934 - February 9, 2011 Lewis Willis The Work of Elders Johnie Edwards Kicked Off the Bus for Reading the Bible Jesse Flowers The Proper Use of … [Read more...]

April 2011 Truth Magazine

Two New Commentaries Mike Willis Remembering Julian R. Snell Connie W. Adams Why Be A Christian? Johnie Edwards Does Your Soul Prosper? David Dann Irony in the Scriptures Dick Blackford News of You Jeff Smith A Tribute to Anne Anning T. Sean Sullivan Wanted: … [Read more...]

March 2011 Truth Magazine

My Brother’s Keeper Mike Willis “Where Does the Bible Say Not To?” Connie W. Adams A Review: Calvinism On Trial Bobby Graham Did The Risen Christ Only Appear To Believers? David Dann John Hagee And His Antichrist Tom O’Neal Glenn Beck and the Tower of Babel Kyle … [Read more...]

February 2011 Truth Magazine

This I Know Mike Willis The Bible is Inspired Donnie V. Rader Jesus Is the Son of God J. Wiley Adams Christ Was Manifest to Take Away the Sins of the World (1 John 3:5) Matt Adams The Son of Man Has the Power to Forgive Sins Art Adams God Does Not Hear Sinners … [Read more...]

January 2011 Truth Magazine

Here I Stand mike willis Editorial Leftovers connie adams Freeing the Chilean Miners steve wallace Worship Is Like Going To The Mall steven deaton How Does Withdrawing Affect Family Relationships? bill cavender Question & Answer bobby … [Read more...]