January 19, 2019

Humility and Understanding

By Larry Ray HafleyA false piety often emerges when men speak of the mysteries of God in hushed tones. They plumb the depths of a doctrine and, finding no bottom, they declare that it is an enigma, a mystery, one of God's secret things (Deut. 29:29). Now, these people have a doctrine, an opinion, … [Read more...]

July 4, 2012 Newsletter
New Feature, Survey…

Happy Independence Day. While we celebrate our nation’s birth, let us remember real freedom is in Christ alone (John 8:31-36). ----------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- The 2012 Truth Magazine lectures went very … [Read more...]

2013 Lecture Topic Survey

Where Do You Live? USA Other Nation … [Read more...]

Survey For Residents of USA Only

SorryThis Survey Is For Residents Of The USA Only … [Read more...]

Shane Millard Seeking A Church

Shane Millard shane_millard@hotmail.com Phone: 9366156805 Nacogdoches, TexasCurrent Congregation: West Austin Street church of ChristYears of Preaching Experience: 6-10Average Number of Gospel Meetings You Hold Each Year: 0-1Do you do any preaching out of country? Locations: Philippines. I went … [Read more...]

The Baptist Church: Its Doctrine of Succession

By Jady W. CopelandOn the subject of a direct line of churches from apostolic times, Baptists are divided. Thomas Armitage, Baptist historian, denies it. Generally speaking the Landmark Baptists admit it and many of them say it is essential to sound doctrine. Bob L. Ross in Old Landmarkism And The … [Read more...]

Jesus The Controversial Bread of Life

We hope all is well with you this week. We are getting excited about the upcoming release of the new Sumphonia hymnal. We will be announcing details in the coming weeks. For now, you can go to www.sumphoniahymnal.com for some information. Suffice it to say here, this is a monumental work … [Read more...]

Things Christ Can’t Do

By Del BassettThere are many things people seek in religion today. Some look for the church with the most parking spaces or the most elegant building. Some look for a place to display their clothing, or for a place where the preacher will not preach very long or hard. Some think the elders and … [Read more...]

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