December 16, 2018

Reflections from the House of Mourning



By Mark Mayberry

Last Saturday, Sherelyn and I were able to attend the memorial service for Lisa Jennings that was held in San Angelo, TX. Sitting in the audience, reflecting upon the meaning of the event, these thoughts came to mind:

Memorial services are a time of quiet reflection, when those who have suffered loss are surrounded and supported by family, friends and brethren. Thank God for the relationships that we share with one another through physical and spiritual kinship.

The fleeting quality of life sometimes escapes our notice as we are busy with daily activities, but watching the commemorative slideshow produced in honor of Lisa, seeing the experiences of 50 years compressed into mere moments, is a reminder of life’s brevity. What is life? It is a vapor, a shadow, a whisper…

Our hearts were comforted and strengthened through singing gospel hymns, Jeff Trees’ beautifully worded prayer, and Tim Jennings’s heartfelt reminder of life’s ultimate purpose: “We are here to honor the memory of Lisa Ann Jennings and to honor her God. She is now at peace and in paradise.”

Over the last few months of Lisa’s life, Boyd recorded various thoughts and reflections entitled, “A few drops from the river of my mind.” He shared these with his brother, Tim, who in turn shared them with us.

Appropriate honor was shown to a wonderful Christian woman, who set a loving example, and faithfully served her husband, children, brethren, and friends. Such devotion deserves our respect. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. Yet, suitably, the emphasis was not upon Lisa, but rather upon her God. In accordance with Boyd and Lisa’s expressed desire, Tim Jennings closed by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, and reminding those assembled, “Our relationship w/ God is the only thing that matters!”

Sadness and shared sympathy brought us together, but we do not weep as others who have no hope. Christians are blessed in life and death.