February 17, 2019

The Broad Way or Narrow Way—Which Is Best?

The Broad Way or Narrow Way—Which Is Best?

By Dennis Abernathy

Jesus speaks of the narrow and broad way in Matthew 7: 13-14. One is traveled by the few and the other is widely-traveled. One way leads to life and the other to destruction. The narrow way is the way of intolerance, discipline, commitment, and is rife with difficulty, and the broad way is the way of tolerance, indulgence, selfishness, and the way of least resistance.

Many believe that being intolerant is wicked and bad. But, when God is being blasphemed, when truth is under attack, or when opinion is substituted for God's Word, it is right to be intolerant i.e. we must firmly stand for what the Bible teaches and refuse to accept wrong beliefs and practices.

God's way is narrow because the way of truth and holiness, by necessity, is narrow. Christians are often called "narrow-minded," as if to say being "broad-minded" is desirable. But Jesus advocated the opposite.

People wrongly think being "broad-minded" is the same thing as being "open-minded." But being "open-minded" is good because it can aid us in seeking and understanding the truth. In contrast, "broad-mindedness" equates to "anything-goes" religion, morality, or variant lifestyle.

All lifestyles and all religions are not equally good, leading to the same destination. Christ says there are only two roads in life and they lead to radically different destinations. The broad way may look very inviting and the narrow way may look very daunting. We all stand at the cross-roads and the road we choose is literally a matter of life and death! Think on these things.

Author: Dennis Abernathy is the evangelist of the White Oak Church of Christ, located in White Oak, Texas 75693. He can be reached at preachab@suddenlink.net.