A Booklet Each Christian Should Read!

By William C. Sexton

I have just received and read Ron Halbrook’s booklet Trends Pointing Toward a New Apostasy. I’m impressed with it, because it covers a number of things that I have been concerned about for some time.

It consists of 50 pages of challenging material — pointing to things which are undeniable to any close observer of the last decade in the body of Christ, but which is evidently overlooked by many.

It has an “Introduction” by brother Donald Tinsley, who preaches in the congregation where the sermon was first delivered. He looks backward to seed planted years

Brother Ron points to specific problem areas, identifying sources and principles. He shows the need for scriptural solution and capable and effective personnel, calling for courageous action. He aims at awakening us to recognize various problems, examine them calmly and resolve to stand up — challenging us to imitate the character Jeremiah points to in Jeremiah 6:16 one who please the Lord and is successful in his spiritual battle.

I believe the time has arrived to speak out as Ron has in this printed sermon. I’m ready to point others to this material, and to give encouragement to all who might be timid in speaking so plainly and to the point — identifying trouble spots and scriptural solutions.

Like Ron, I am neither an “alarmist nor a pessimist,” but I am a realist. I am determined to go to heaven, and while here in preparation, I want to do what I can to help others go there too (cf. 2 Tim. 4:6-8). There-fore, I suggest that each reader purchase at least two copies (possibly several), one for self, and another to hand to a friend. It’s worth your reading time, the $1.95 of your money, and your effort to get it into the hands of others. Go for it!

Guardian of Truth XXXVII: 5, p. 15
March 4, 1993