A Correction

By Connie W. Adams

In the October 14, 1971.Truth Magazine, I reported excerpts from a letter which Kenneth J. Wilkey, President of Philippine Bible College, wrote to a gospel preacher on the island of Palawan. Near the close of that article I stated that he “is bolder at a distance than he cares to be in person. He was in M’lang, Cotabato the week before the debate between J. T. Smith and Eusebio Lacuata and came back the day after we left, but for some strange reason could not be there the week of the debate to encourage his Filipino brother in the debate.”

It has been called to my attention by brother Lacuata that brother Wilkey was not with the American brethren who came to M’lang the week before the debate. My statement on this is therefore in error and I hereby offer my apologies to brother Wilkey. I should have verified the matter rather than relying on impressions which were not correct. Also, to set the record straight, the American missionaries from Luzon did not return to Mlang the day after we did as implied in this article and stated by me in two articles in other papers. I have sent corrections to both of them. Here is what happened. These men were in M’lang the week before the debate to preach in the plaza. They had obtained permission to conduct services there beginning the day after we left. It was common knowledge in M’lahg that they had such permission. Brother Lacuata writes that he suggested they return to Luzon because of the rain. There were there the weeks before the debate. They were not at the debate to encourage Lacuata. They did not use their permit to return and preach the day after we left. I have never intentionally misrepresented anyone. My apologies to all concerned. I hope this puts the record straight. My thanks to brother Lacuata for calling this to my attention

April 6, 1972