A Forward Step For Truth Magazine!

By Ray Ferris

Beginning with this issue, TRUTH Magazine will be under the leadership of a different group of men than those who were responsible for its beginning and progress until this time.

Those of us who have been associated with the magazine from its origin are fully aware of considerable good that has been accomplished by it. We believe, however, that it will be a greater and more powerful force for good under its new leadership than it has ever been before. It is with this view in mind that the change is being made in its publication.

I am personally confident the editorial policy of the paper will be a good one–one that will be Christ like in attitude, and based soundly upon the principles of the Word of God.

I therefore, even though not having the direct closeness with the paper in the future that has been characteristic of the past, will be continuing to encourage and support the paper in its work. It is my sincere hope that you, as a reader, will continue your subscription. Why not help get the new publishers off to a good start by sending in at least one more subscription for a friend. Send it to a Christian who earnestly desires to prove all things, and hold fast that which is good.

May I also take this opportunity to express to our long-time readers of the past my own appreciation for your help and encouragement in every way? I shall hope to have opportunity to “visit with you” often in the future through the pages of TRUTH Magazine.

Truth Magazine VI: 11, pp. 1c
August 1962