A New Line-up Takes the Field

By Gordon Pennock

TRUTH MAGAZINE was launched in October 1956, as a cooperative effort of Bryan Vinson, Jr., Leslie Diestelkamp, and the writer. With the help of hundreds of brethren, we never failed to publish an issue each month, although late a few times in the last few months. Those with experience in the field of journalism will appreciate the burden of labor involved. I am personally grateful to my colleagues in this effort, and especially to the scores of brethren who have written articles and words of encouragement, sent in subscriptions, and in many cases made monetary contributions to help with the payment of printing bills. Without their assistance we could not have continued through these years.

But now, a new line-up takes the field. Brethren Cecil Willis of Akron, Ohio and William Wallace of Poteau, Oklahoma constitutes the forward line. They are both sound, well known and untiring preachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Both of these men have helped us immeasurably in the past and we, from whose shoulders the greater burden has been taken, will now stand behind them, rendering assistance in every way that might be needful or possible to us. We pray that God will use them mightily in the upholding of “The Truth” in contrast with the philosophies, ways and wisdom of men. We encourage you to encourage them in this good and noble work. You could do so in no better way than by sending a list of subscriptions today. The address will be found on the masthead of this issue.

Truth Magazine VI: 11, pp. 1b
August 1962