A Personal Report

By Roy E. Cogdill

Perhaps most of the readers of Truth Magazine know by now that I have moved from Henderson, Texas to Conroe, Texas. This took place shortly after the first of August. The church in Henderson is making splendid progress. They have hired’ Brother Leonard White of Houston, and he is laboring with them full time and they are able fully to support him. I predict for them a good future. Our year with them endeared all of them to our hearts and we found them to be a devoted group of disciples.

The Spring Branch Church in Houston offered to support me full-time and the Norhill Church is furnishing me a housing and utility allowance to enable me to help the church here in Conroe worshiping at Third and Lewis Streets to get on its feet. This is one of the fastest growing sections in the country and we believe the faithful church here has a good future. I have preached in the past for both of the churches that are assisting me and my association with them has been pleasant and encouraging in every way. We are grateful for their confidence.

It is the purpose here to let the local church put all of its efforts into finding a new location and building a suitable place of worship which we believe will be the biggest step forward that can be taken in this work at this time. We have a good group and our attendance is increasing some and the contributions are growing. Property is extremely high but we have hopes of finding something suitable that we can afford and are working to that end. We invite any who are passing this way to stop by to see us and worship with us. My local address is 439 Cypress Drive, Conroe, Texas, 77301.

Soon after moving here I had to go to the Diagnostic Hospital in Houston for surgery. For about three months I had suffered from very severe pain in the right hip and leg. I had gone through the clinic in Pampa, Texas, where I have gone yearly for some time to Dr. Lang for an annual physical. He reported that my blood chemistry had completely changed in the past year and that, it indicated that I might have a malignancy somewhere. He suggested that I go back to the surgeon that did a prostate operation a year ago last May and see if the trouble might be there again. It was discovered that a new growth had come and that it was malignant. Then bone specialists also found a malignancy in my left hip- Some surgery was performed and treatments were begun.

I am happy to report that I have been home five weeks now and making splendid progress. I am still walking on a cane and sitting on a stool to preach but I hope to be able to discard both before too long and feel confident that I will before long be completely well.

I want to use this medium to express to brethren everywhere my gratitude for the interest that has been shown by literally hundreds of phone calls and cards and many beautiful flowers as well as personal visits. I feel like Paul – every time I think of so many brethren that I have been associated with through the years and learned to love and that I believe love me, I thank God for them. So may I say to all of you who have communicated and many who have kept us in their hearts and prayers that I and my family are eternally grateful for your love, encouragement, and prayers.

Truth Magazine, XVIII:5, p. 2
November 29, 1973