A Report!

By William C. Sexton

Eight months have rapidly passed since I came to work with the congregation that meets at 711 Access Road in Van Buren, Arkansas. Some good things have happened:

1. We have had several families be identified with us. After observing and listening, they have decided to be a part of the congregation  to work and worship with us. Most of them are young families. For them we are so grateful and anticipate that the future looks bright for the Lord’s church in this location.

2. We baptized one person in the community. She worships and works with us. In addition, I had the privilege of baptizing one of my granddaughters (Sheryl Harden) over the new year’s week end holiday. She was visiting from Wichita, Kansas and desired to be baptized. That’s a thrill for a grandfather to be able to baptize his granddaughter.

3. On the last Lord’s day of February (the 26th) elders were installed. Two men, Louis Brown and Bill Sexton, were appointed to serve as elders/bishops in the congregation. We hope that shortly deacons can be installed and we’ll become a “fully scripturally organized congregation.”

The congregation is at peace: each member manifests love and respect for each other. We are a family of the Lord, wanting to serve him faithfully as the Bible teaches. The congregation meets in a new building, in a growing part of the city and county. New houses are all around the building, new houses are going up all the time.

We are located at a good place for anyone traveling from Little Rock to Oklahoma City on Route I-40. We hope if you are traveling this route, that you’ll plan to worship with us. Where is Van Buren Arkansas: Just across the river from Fort Smith, about five miles or so east of the Oklahoma line. Should you be moving to the area, please investigate the congregation here at 711 Access Road. I was surprised to find that this part of the country is growing as fast as it is. Crawford county (of which Van Buren is the county seat) is one of the fastest growing places in the vicinity, I’m told. We believe that the church here is poised to stand firmly for the truth of God’s word for time to come.

Last summer we had a number of visitors from other parts of the county. We hope that this year we’ll have the privilege of meeting more of you passing down I-40, either going east or west. Also, should you be traveling north or south on Highway 59 or 71, we would be easily found. You’ll find a very friendly group of God’s people glad to have you visit with us, determined to hold fast to the teachings of the New Testament (1 Thess. 5:21). There is a large “Truck Stop” at I-40 and 59. Last summer a few truck drivers left their truck at the stop and walked down to worship with us. There are two motels located at this intersection: Motel Six and Motel Eight I believe they are. So, come by and see us.

If we can be of help to you, let us know (ph. 501-474-2617). Call (501) 471-5801 and you’ll get a recording that tells of our times of worship, etc., if we are not at the building.

Guardian of Truth XXXIX: 9 p. 12
May 4, 1995