A Return Visit to Sturgis, Mississippi

By Bobby R. Holmes

On November 13, brother Charles Howard and I made a return visit to Sturgis, Mississippi. We were on our way for a gospel meeting with the Laws Hill church near Oxford. (Brother Howard helped in the construction of the Sturgis building and has led singing for me for the last three years in my meetings with the Laws Hill church.) We arrived in Starkville (near Sturgis) late Friday night the 12th and the next morning we had breakfast with Clark Busbee, the local evangelist for the Louisville Street church in Starkville, and brother Alexander Caldwell, the local evangelist for the Sturgis church.

Brother Caldwell is doing an excellent work in Sturgis. He has a radio program each Saturday that he partially pays for out of his own pocket. He is getting a lot of response from the program. Several people have been interested enough in the truth preached to contact brother Caldwell for further discussion. He has met with one group of several people to discuss the Bible with them and has at least one man who is attending regularly as a direct result of the program. Also, he has made great in-roads in the community itself with some attending regularly. There is great potential for the Lord’s work in Sturgis.

After visiting for a while at breakfast, we went out to the Sturgis community to visit sister Lela McCarter. She had recently suffered a heart attack and had just returned home from the hospital. Though she was not at that time able to get out of the house, she was making good progress and has since been able to return to worship services. She told us that the thing she missed most was being able to be in the assemblies. What a wonderful attitude. She has been a real support for the Lord’s work there in Sturgis. Her faith and dedication have encouraged and strengthened the others when all looked so dark and hopeless. It was so good to see her again.

We then went to the building to see it. It is being well cared for and looks so nice. I had not seen it in a completed stage. The pews that were purchased really put the finishing touch to it. (We were able to purchase some excellent used pews from another church.) We carried some Bibles with us for use by the members but, it was obvious that we did not have enough. There are some things that are sorely needed by these brethren. Another dozen or so good Bibles, film strips (I have had excellent success with Jule Miller’s), a screen, and tape player. A projector has already been donated. Brother Caldwell tells me that he can put these things to very good use.

Also, brother Caldwell is still, in need of some $500.00 per month in support for the coming year. Is there a church out there, or an individual that can supply any of these things mentioned? Brother Caldwell is very worthy of any help that can be supplied and the church at Sturgis is a worthy group of God’s people that can and will use the things you might send. If you can help in any way, please contact brother Caldwell at the following address: Alexander Caldwell, 201 Lynn Lane, Apt. #36, Starkville, Miss. 39759. Phone: 1-601-323-0435. It was so good to be able to make this return trip and see these good saints again. Please keep them in your prayers as they continue to spread pure New Testament Christianity in this community. Thanks again for the great support that so many of you gave in so many ways to make this dream for the Strugis church come true. May God richly bless you.

Guardian of Truth XXXVIII: 4, p. 17
February 17, 1994