Abortion and Deception

By Marvin Cossey

Evil causes must rely on lies and deception for their defense. Such is the case with abortion. Let’s look at some of the deceptive terms and arguments used by abortion advocates:

In order to avoid the stigma of being pro-abortion they label themselves “pro-choice.” This sounds better! The word choice suggests liberty or freedom. This is the image they want you to see. They fail to emphasize that the choice they are advocating is the choice to kill unborn children!

Another deceptive term is “reproductive choice.” This is an attempt to equate abortion with acceptable forms of birth control. Abortion is not a reproductive choice, it is choosing to kill that which has already been reproduced! The time to exercise reproductive choice is before conception.

The argument is made that a woman should have the right to control her own body. This is misleading; it implies that only the woman’s body is involved. In reality they are demanding the right to destroy a separate human body, that of the baby.

Abortion advocates appeal for sympathy by saying that thousands of women would die in illegal abortions if abortion is outlawed. Question: Which is the greater loss, the loss of thousands who die while killing their babies or the loss of millions of innocents who die with no ability to choose?

There is a legal right to abortion but no moral right. When forced to choose between the legal and the moral, the right thinking person will ever choose morality. Likewise, whenever two rights are in conflict the greater right should always prevail. The right to life is far superior to any perceived “right” to avoid childbirth.

Guardian of Truth XXXVI: 21, p. 647
November 5, 1992