About That AIDS Quilt

By Larry Ray Hafley

Perhaps you have heard about the “AIDS Quilt.” Each segment of the quilt has the name of an AIDS victim on it. It is very, very large. It is often unfurled to highlight the need for research to find a cure for the dread malady and also to memorialize those who have died from the deadly disease. (Regardless of the cause, death is painful for friends and loved ones. We should be prayerful and sympathetic toward those who mourn their loss.)

I wonder if those who sponsor the AIDS quilt could find time to create an “Abortion Quilt.” Those who memorialize AIDS victims often find time to light candles to protest the execution of cold blooded killers. They refer to capital punishment as “state sponsored murder.” Surely, then, they could remember the millions of babies whose lives have been snuffed out by the “state sanctioned” killing of infants.

Maybe not, though, for such a baby blanket would cover the world in shame.