Ahhhhhhhhh Feel Yore Pain

By Dick Blackford

The president has taken a lot of ribbing over his use of this phrase. It is designed to convince people that he identifies with them. It was used frequently during his campaign for office. It is the politically correct way to get people on your side.

Likewise, some of our brethren seek to convey the same message. Literature sent out by the Herald Of Truth organization and other churchood projects are trying this approach. “Your hurting. We can help,” is the theme used in many mail outs. The problem is, there are a number of people in religious and moral error who are indulging themselves, having a good time, enjoying it, and are not hurting at all! But they still need the gospel because they are in sin!

The writings of many are almost devoid of the words sin and hell. They are trying to reach the “unchurched,” signifying that they don’t see the sin of denominationalism as all that sinful. This approach may get “responses,” but until men are convicted as sinners in need of the grace of God, they will not be truly converted to Christ.

Can you imagine Paul as he speaks to Governor Felix, saying, “You’re hurting. Let us help”? No you cannot, for he “reasoned of righteousness, self-control and the judgment to come” (Acts 24:25). Imagine when he stood on Mars Hill and spoke to the philosophers of Athens, saying, “Ah feel yore pain.” And, by the wildest stretch of your imagination can you hear Peter on Pentecost using these and similar “politically correct” statements? It is difficult to tell those who are at ease that they are hurting or in pain. In fact, it makes no sense and is not the approach used by Christ and the apostles. This is another area in which brethren are drifting from the old paths.

Guardian of Truth XXXIX: 8 p. 4
April 20, 1995