An Open Letter to Brethren: Edward Fudge, Ron Halbrook, William Wallace, and Cecil Willis

By Ken Osborne

(Enclosed is a letter addressed to you and Brethren Wallace, Fudge, and Halbrook. I found no great joy in writing that letter and would not have even done so had I not thought it to be necessary. As I mentioned in the letter, I don’t know who is telling the truth on these things but I know that someone isn’t.

Knowing more about you than 1 do any of the others it is almost inconceivable that you are indeed doing these things out of some political motivation or any other related causes. I simply cannot believe it.

I have no desire in this matter for either “side” to emerge as the winner. I wish it were possible to dismiss this whole mess. But if indeed you are right in your charges against the Guardian (which I cannot help but believe you are) then the battle needs to be waged. On the other hand if indeed you have wronged them then they have every right to set the record straight. I find no pleasure in whichever might be the case.) – Ken Osborne

“Dear Brethren:

“Of all the sins of this wicked world, certainly one of the worst in the sight of both God and man is lying. This is especially despicable when the one lying is a member of the body of Christ and, Brethren, if there is one thing obvious in this jumbled mess of a dispute between you, it is that someone is lying.

“Knowing about each of you only by way of what someone else says, I am both unable, and with the lack of facts, unwilling to decipher this mess and find the truth. There are several statements in particular which give me, and I am sure countless others, great difficulty. Perhaps you brethren could help.

“First, in the November 8th issue of the Gospel Guardian, Brother Fudge states that he believes instrumental music in worship and the congregational support of human institutions to be sinful. Yet, in the September 20th issue of Truth Magazine, Brother Halbrook states that since college days Brother Fudge has believed the use of instrumental music in worship to not be sinful. Furthermore, in the September 27th issue of Truth Magazine, Brother Halbrook said that as late as July 18, 1973 this was still Brother Fudge’s position by his own direct admission. Now, Brethren, one of you is lying!!!!!

“Second, in the April 26th issue of Truth Magazine Brother Willis stated that Brother Wallace spent a night in his home during which time they stayed up most of the night talking. Yet, Brother Wallace, in the December 6th issue of the Gospel Guardian, stated there never was such a trip or conversation. Now, I really do not care whether Brother Wallace stayed with Brother Willis one night and “took his pulse” or not, but I do care for the truth. And, Brethren, one of you is lying!!!!!

“There are numerous other discrepancies which bother me. For example, Brother Halbrook stated that Brother Fudge upon reading the articles “Appeals to Edward Fudge” said the articles were true to his beliefs. Yet, Brother Fudge says he has been misrepresented in the articles and told Brother Halbrook that all along. Brethren, one of you is lying!!!!! There are other contradictions but I think enough examples have been given to show that someone is lying!

“Unfortunately, it is probably going to be hard to prove that you are telling the truth and someone else is lying but surely there is some proof somewhere, to some of the statements which are in question. I am not after blood on this matter. All I. and others like me want is the truth. And, Brethren, one of you is lying!!!!!”

“In Him, Ken Osborne”

Truth Magazine, XVIII:10, p. 9
January 9, 1974