An Opportunity to Study Calvinism With Franklin T. Puckett


Franklin T. Puckett will teach a special series of lessons on “Calvinism and Modern Adaptations” for two weeks this spring from February 25 through March 8 in Florence, Alabama. Young preachers may find a particular interest in these lessons.

Brother Puckett will deal with the traditional doctrines of Calvinism (T.U.L.I.P., etc.), misconceptions about what Calvinism teaches, the danger of it in various denominational writings and the place of Calvinistic thinking in certain current problems and discussions such as imputed righteousness, grace, indwelling of the Holy Spirit, etc.

The suggestion for such a study was made last spring as Brother Puckett finished an in-depth class in the first five chapters of the book of Romans which was attended by over two dozen preachers who live within 100 miles of Florence. This class was a three hour study every Friday morning for three months (A study beginning at Romans 6 will resume the first week in January with an additional class in Beginning Greek which will be taught on Friday afternoon. These classes will run from January through March). Because of that class last year and the enthusiasm of the students, arrangements were made to start this additional concentrated two week study with intensive twice-a-day sessions for those who would be interested.

Brethren around Florence who are aware of the financial problems of younger preachers are willing to open up their homes to those who write and make definite plans to come. Some 14-16 men can be housed this way. Breakfast and supper will be provided in some homes. Also, there will be some sleeping accommodations for men who would stay together in a lakeside home and buy their own meals. Arrangements can be made to accept the invitations into these homes by writing Franklin T. Puckett, P.O. Box 1166, Florence, Alabama 35630 (Phone: 205-766-6179). Please specify which type of these accommodations you would prefer.

Classes will begin on Tuesday, February 25, and end on Friday, March 7, which will assist anyone who needs to come from a distance. If a question should arise about the value of these studies and whether it would be worth it to a local congregation to allow their preacher time to be gone for this, we suggest the congregation direct an inquiry to Brother Puckett to determine the intensive nature of these studies as well as the practical and current use of this material in a local work.

Brother Puckett is supported by the College View Church of Christ in Florence and is free to travel for meetings and to teach as he sees the need. This is a brief opportunity for a few young men to study with him.

Harold V. Corner, 521 Cumberland Street Florence, Alabama 35630

Truth Magazine, XVIII:48, p. 9
October 10, 1974