by Bryan Vinson, Jr.

We are presenting this first issue of TRUTH to you for your careful reading and thoughtful study. We are mindful of the possibilities for good that are identified with the written word. The spoken word reflects the personality of the speaker, yet the permanency of the written word permits and enables the recipient to react with more deliberativeness in his reflections on the thoughts presented. True also is the fact that the eye is a better means of communication than the ear. The impressions made are more retentively impressed on the memory than those made by the spoken word. Therefore, in the preparation of the material that shall constitute the subject matter of TRUTH we shall constantly bear in mind that it should be filled with that which is of enduring worth and abiding interest.

The pages of TRUTH shall be devoted to a discussion of any worthwhile and interesting subject pertaining to man's search for truth. It shall be our purpose to stimulate within the reader a spirit of investigation, personally pursued, of truth - eternal truth - as fully revealed in God's Revelation to man.

Should anything appear on these pages that is regarded by anyone as untrue to the teaching of the scriptures, the invitation is tendered as a standing one to inform us of such.

We shall endeavor to publish a paper that every Christian will be proud to exhibit. We will advance every effort to keep its pages free from slander and bitterness. Controversy will be presented in a spirit of brotherly-love, -or not at all. All contributions of material will be considered on the basis of content value, not on the popularity of the writer. With these goals in mind we shall work hard to present a publication that will do untold good.

For this publication, as we send forth this initial issue, we entertain a high hope and breathe a fervent prayer that it shall become a medium of useful influence for good to the members of the body of Christ. Every position taken, and statement made in its support, shall be impelled by the deep conviction that there resides alone in the "Truth as it is in Christ" the power to break the shackles of sin, to set the captives free, and translate man from the powers of darkness into the Kingdom of God's dear Son. The transforming, elevating and ennobling power of the gospel is, and shall be for all time, the greatest need of our race; because it alone can bestow the greatest of blessings.

With these words I exhort you to subscribe and receive regularly a copy of TRUTH.

Truth Magazine I:1, p. 2
October 1956