Is There a Need For "'Truth"?

Bryan Vinson, Jr.

No work, involving the expenditure of wealth and energy, should be engaged in needlessly. Thus no congregation of people should ever erect a building that is not needed. Such would be the height of foolishness. The result would be wasted energy and wealth. Such would not please our maker. The same principle must apply to TRUTH. Many have asked: Why publish this paper? Is there a need for another publication? Our answer is simple: There is a need, and that need justifies the publication of the paper you now have before you.

What Is The Need?

Many papers have made their appearance in the past few decades, and almost equally as many have disappeared. However, a few have survived the hazards of digression, modernism, and, above all, financial difficulties. However, among those that remain, not one seems to fill the need we have in mind. Some dogmatically limited the expression of thought only to that which is in harmony with the thought of its editor. This was not true of those papers of a century ago which provided a medium for advancing the restoration of New Testament Christianity. We NEED a paper allowing both sides of every issue to be heard, BUT only heard in the spirit of brotherly-love -- free from bitterness.

Other publications have swerved to the other extreme-the extreme of controversy filled with bitterness, slander, and jealousy. We NEED a paper allowing Christ-like controversy. BUT it must be one that is kept free from misuse, one in which a balance between controversial and non-controversial material is maintained. It must meet the issue and not express bitterness toward those involved.

These papers, and others, have become so involved in either the promotion of, or the opposition to, institutionalism that they have neglected other matters of great importance. We NEED a paper that will allow an honest and frank discussion of pre-millennialism, modernism, and immorality. Pre-millennialism is not a dead issue. There are yet those among the flock who advocate that erroneous doctrine concerning the kingdom of God. Modernism is gaining ground every day. The effects of modernism are constantly viewed by those who are awake! Immorality has gone almost unchallenged. This NEED must be satisfied. For this purpose TRUTH was born, and to this end she must live. She must allow a presentation of both sides of every issue before the brethren. She must keep her pages free from bitterness and hate. She must provide a medium through which faithful brethren may present what they believe to be the Truth of God's Word!

Truth Magazine I:2, p.2

November 1956