Brother Big Shot

by Ppaphroditus

Mr. BB Gun,
Sacrifice Avenue,
Hardwork, Miss.
Dear Brother Gun:

Glad to get your letter, and appreciate the invitation to conduct a meeting with you at Hardwork. You have done well there. I regret that I have not the time to spare you f or the next year or two. My time has been taken for the next two years by the larger churches, who are able to pay well for my services.

I deeply regret the hardships you have suffered since moving to that section, but such has been the lot of most of our pioneers. I would enjoy such a work, but have an expensive family and cannot give them all they deserve and want, and do it. I long to go out and work new and destitute fields, have had the desire for years, but have never found time. When it looks like I could arrange the time, I don't see how I can afford it, especially when some successful church calls me for the same time. This summer I am to go to such places as Paywell, Plentydough, Richburg, and many other more prosperous churches.

Let me encourage you in the fine work you are doing. The churches I visit were all planted by men like yourself. There are many churches today that would not think of calling, supporting well, for a meeting the very preacher who sacrificed to get them started. So press on. Remember, there is a rich reward for you in heaven. We may get the calls and support of the large churches now, but you are sure of your reward "in the sweet by and by." Work on, Brother Little Gun: maybe after eight or ten years you can see the cause in Hardwork grow to where they can afford to pay some of us big preachers to come and put them on the map in a big way.

May the Lord bless you. Am inclosing a dollar to help you bear the burden of the work there. Let me hear from you again; for as soon as you have the church able to pay, I want to come and assist you in an eight or ten days' meeting. I mention a short meeting, for I have long since learned that we can get about as much for a short one as for a long one.

Yours for big pay,
(Signed) BIG SHOT,
Grandliving Boulevard,
Easypicking, Texas