The Cause of Christ in Cuba

By H. Leo Boles

Editor's Note: In last month's issue (vol. 1, no. 3) Gospel Advocate of by H. Leo Boles on CHURCH COOPERATION. It was called to our attention that some are using this article to leave the impression that Bro. Boles was against such cooperation as the Herald of Truth, etc. In answer to this, an article by Bro. Boles in the Gospel Advocate of 1944 was submitted to show that Bro. Boles, at least at that time, did not oppose Herald of Truth type of cooperation. We want to thank the brother who has taken this interest in Bro. Boles position. As to whether or not Bro. Boles was at one time against, then for; or did not understand the application of his own logic; or never opposed such "cooperation": this must be left for the reader to decide. We humbly print here portions of the article written by Bro. Boles and printed in the Gospel Advocate of June 29th, 1944 in the hope that we never become guilty of purposefully misrepresenting any man. B. V., JR.)

Some of the churches of Christ in Florida are taking an active interest in the preaching of the gospel in Cuba. The Nebraska Avenue Church, in Tampa, Fla., is receiving funds to support the preachers who are doing mission work in Cuba. The Central Church, in Miami, has undertaken the task to raise funds to build a church house in Havana. This is a good work. At this time brethren and churches cannot send help to foreign countries as they have done in former times, but they can send help to Cuba. Central Church, in Miami, is to be commended for this act of service. The writer has held three meetings for Central Church. He knows its elders and commends them for undertaking this task.

Central Church is not able to build the needed house in Havana; hence, it is asking the brethren at this time, when money is so plentiful, to contribute liberally to this work. It is a good time to raise funds now, when brethren and churches have more money than ever before. If anyone wishes further information about this work, he may write J. Roy Vaughn, 1161 N.W. 29 Terrace, Miami (37), Fla. All funds should be sent to this address, as Brother Vaughn and the elders at Central will be responsible for the amount raised. The funds will be retained in the United States until the proper time for building the house.

In 1937 the Nebraska Avenue Church, in Tampa, assumed the responsibility to send Brother Jiminez to Cuba. Brother Estevez followed him about a year later. These men are supported by churches in America that make their contribution through the Nebraska Avenue Church. These two men still consider themselves under the direction of the Nebraska Avenue Church.

We should like to raise $10,000 for a nice, well-constructed building in Havana, adequate for church work for years to come. As yet we do not know the cost of such a building and will not know until the war is over and conditions have settled down. It is very probable that some of the brethren will visit Havana as soon as conditions are desirable to investigate location, type of building, etc. With what little notice has so far been made, $613 has been contributed.

(Gospel Advocate, June 29th, 1944, page 425)
Truth Magazine I:4, p. 2
January, 1957