Bryan Vinson, Jr.

February 11-15 was a most profitable period of time for many people who were privileged to attend the Florida Christian College Annual Lecture Program. Many informative speeches were delivered. Much instruction was given. It was, indeed, all good. However, t w o features were particularly of great interest to me, and I wish that my brethren everywhere could have received the blessing of hearing.

Modernism and the Baptist Church

Bro. Harold Hazelip, a young man of great ability who preaches for the Taylor Blvd. congregation in. Louisville, Ky., spoke during the chapel service on Tuesday morning. He related how modernism had crept into the Southern Baptist Theological seminary at Louisville. (He is a part-time student.) His talk was most enlightening. The effect that modernism is having on such a "fundamental" institution as the Southern Baptist church should cause every Christian to awaken to the dangers of such tendencies as have already infiltrated the ranks of the Lord's army. To emphasize the real impor.. tance of the innovation into the Baptist church, Bro. Hazelip read excerpts from a letter he had received from a former student of the seminary who challenged him for a debate. He did not seek to debate Bro. Hazelip on the plan of salvation, establishment of the church, or the possibility of apostasy. He sought opportunity to deny the inspiration of the Bible. I wish Bro. Hazelip's talk could be echoed throughout the land to awaken brethren to the dangers that confront us.

Our brethren must not only be able to teach their denominational friends the Bible plan, of salvation and how to identify the church, but, in addition, why we believe the Bible is the inspired word of God. Our preachers must prepare themselves to affirm such in public debate.

The Bible and Science

For three afternoons we were privileged to hear Bro. Pat Hardeman speak on "Alleged Contradictions Between the Bible and Science." Having been a student under Bro. Hardeman, and knowing of his extensive studies, I believe him to be one of the most qualified of the brethren in the field of evidences. If I had not so thought, I would have been. compelled to do so after hearing his lessons. He not only clearly presented much important material, but he stirred within the listener a realization of the need that we have to be aware. I believe it would be a wonderful program of teaching for every congregation located in an area where a college, or colleges, abounds to arrange, if possible, for Bro. Hardeman and others to deliver a series of lectures on the evidences of Christianity. A greater knowledge of science, rightly called, will never, serve to destroy the faith of youth, rather will it serve to increase their faith in, and appreciation of, the mind of God revealed.

Truth Magazine I:7, p. 2
April 1957