O.C. Lambert Tells the Truth about Catholics

Doyle Banta,
1309 9th Ave., S. E.
Decatur, Ala.

The following ad was read on TV, on radio, printed in papers and distributed in the Decatur area recently. "You are cordially invited to hear O.C. Lambert of Winfield, Alabama, deliver a series of lectures on Roman Catholicism at the Somerville Road Church of Christ, February 18-22, 1415 Somerville Road, S. E, Decatur, Ala. Lectures each evening at 7:30. Monday -- THE FALLING AWAY AND RESTORATION. Tuesday --CATHOLIC LITERATURE -- CONTINUOUS FORGERY FOR 1500 YEARS. Wednesday -- CATHOLICISM, ENEMY OF THE BIBLE. Thursday -- EXPLANATIONS OF CATHOLIC MORALS. Friday -- CATHOLICISM, OUR GREATEST MENACE -- AMERICA AWAKE! Mr. O.C. Lambert has made serious study of Roman Catholicism for years and his lectures will be well documented. A friendly welcome awaits you at these lectures."

The above ad created more interest in the city of Decatur than has come for some time. Brother Lambert spoke three nights on WMSL-TV, Channel 23, Decatur. Thousands beard him on the telecasts. Hundreds beard him at our building the five nights there.

The success of these lectures can only be determined in eternity, but evidence at the present was most encouraging. After our ad appeared in the Decatur Daily, the paper received numbers of protests. The TV station received between 400 and 500 protests after Brother Lambert's first telecast. From the talk the brethren heard in the plants in this area, we know the Catholics were listening. One of the most encouraging things about the protesting was that the local TV station did not bow to Catholic pressure, but informed the Catholics they would not censor free speech and that the Catholics could buy equal time to reply. It would be fine if every one of you would write our station and newspaper and let them know that you appreciate their permitting freedom of speech and press. We feel that numbers of Catholics heard the truth and that hundreds and thousands of our brethren were warned against the dangers of Catholicism. We hope to see O.C. Lambert speak for several days on TV later this year in Decatur and also -again at some of the buildings.

Brother O.C. Lambert uses wisdom in his lectures. He never quotes from a book that is not approved by the Catholic Church. He never quotes from a book unless he owns the book and has it in his library. By Using such wisdom, the Catholics never try to arrest him, neither does it permit the newspaper or TV or radio stations to be in danger of being sued.

Brother Lambert has already written two books about Catholicism. His latest is, CATHOLICISM AGAINST ITSELF. Every family should have one. Price is $4.00. He also printed 25,000 of his 31 page pamphlet ROMAN CATHOLICISM UN-AMERICAN -- which sells for $10.00 per 100 or 25c per single copy. Every congregation ought to order a few hundred and distribute. Recently his book RUSSELISM UNVEILED has been reprinted and sells for $2.00. When you order his books, you are permitting him to get into position to write at least two more volumes on Catholicism. Of course, you are helping your self too. Why not order all of his books?

It is my prayer that you will arrange for O.C. Lambert to speak many times. He is in good health and a very able speaker. If you can use his books or use him to lecture, then write to: 0. C. Lambert, Winfield, Ala. He will be a blessing to all who hear him.

Truth Magazine I:7, pp. 23-24
April 1957