Extreme Left . . . Or The Middle of the Road

Bryan Vinson, Jr.

I feel sure that many have followed with interest and, perhaps to some degree, amusement the articles by Bro. Roy Lanier in the Firm Foundation entitled "The Middle of the Road", and the series of "reviews" by Bro. Guy N. Woods entitled "The Middle of the Wrong Road" which have appeared in the Gospel Advocate. This present controversy proves that there is a great deal of difference between the positions of those that advocate the creation and maintenance of institutions by the church. Bro. Lanier feels he has justified the institutional orphans home, supported by the church, by placing it under the oversight of some local eldership. Bro. Woods appears to be teaching that such "elder control" is wrong, and it must be under a board of directors other than the elders of some local congregation. This "disagreement" should make those who hold to either of the two positions mentioned above be more thoughtful and longsuffering before crying "quarantine" and "withdraw fellowship." Such would logically lead to the expulsion of one another.

Sittin' and Waitin'

We continue to hear reports that many gospel preachers are "sittin' and waitin'" to see what course TRUTH Magazine will pursue in the present controversies. We attempted to set forth an outline of our course in the editorials of the first two issues. We WILL NOT use the pages of this publication to appease those who make the current issues a personal hobby. We have no desire to divide the church in any area, but rather we are driven by a mutual desire to promote greater unity and strength amongst the brethren. However, this can only be done by holding fast to the commands AND patterns of the New Testament. Let us study to show our selves approved unto God. To those who are "sittin' and waitin'" I say: It would be far better to be sittin' and studyin', weighin' and considerin' than merely "sittin' and waitin' ".

North-Central Directories

Last month we announced the publication of a directory for the North Central States. This directory is about as near perfect as man could expect to make it. It lists the towns and locations where churches in Northern Missouri, Northern Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska meet. It sells for 25c per copy; BUT we prefer to give it away. A free directory will be sent to the address of every new subscriber, or to every present subscriber upon receipt of renewal. You need this directory, and we need subscriptions!

Truth Magazine I:10, p. 2
July 1957