New Church in Toledo, Ohio

R. E. Corns

A loyal congregation has been established in Toledo, Ohio at 819 East Broadway. Like many other congregations that are springing up all over the National this work has its background story also. For some years many brethren felt that the congregation located at Maumee, Ohio would not be led off in the great digression that is now upon us. Unfortunately these hopes and aspirations were shattered by an announcement on the last Lord's Day in May of 1965. One of the elders stated after services on that day that since members had not been doing any work, and the elders had not been doing any work, and that the preacher had been doing what he could, he felt that it was time for Maumee to do some work.

We all love the sly and the subtle; we love the wit and the diplomat as well, but this announcement was truly a "RAFTER HANGER."

The work that we were all to be zealous in and make a great showing for the church was thisWE WERE TO GIVE SOME MONEY AND THEN THE TREASURER WAS TO WRITE A CHECK TO SCHULTZ-LEWIS ORPHANAGE. Frankly the most work that was involved was the thirty seconds or so that it took the treasurer to write the Check. FURTHERMORE in the announcement it was stated that we were NOT TO _READ CERTAIN BULLET I N S, TRACTS, ETC. (SHADES OF ROMANISM). However the tract rack was full of tracts promoting liberalism and church cooperation. SINCE WHEN DO ELDERS HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO TELL ONE WHAT HE CAN READ AND WHAT HE CANNOT READ?

It was also announced that this contribution was an AREA WIDE project since Western Avenue and Whitney Hills of Toledo, Bradner congregation and possibly another one or two were striving to make this a combined effort.

Some brethren objected to this announcement with all its implications but did not receive a scriptural reply as to the authority for this act on the Dart of the Maumee congregation.

As a result nine adults and eight children did not attend another service at Maumee after this date. Meetings began to be held in private homes. By the last Lord's Day in July the number had increased to twenty-two adults. In the first part of August, 1965 a hall was rented on 819 East Broadway, Toledo, Ohio. Much work had to be done in preparation for public meetings, but by the efforts of brethren the place of meeting was readily put into shape.

August 29th was the first public meeting with a total of thirty-four present. The record attendance has been forty-six. Contributions have been above average. The excellent spirit of the entire congregation is to be commended in this work. Franklin Road in Nashville, Tennessee is paying some support for preaching. We solicit the mutual support and prayers of the faithful in Christ Jesus.

TRUTH MAGAZINE X: 4, pp. 10-11 January 1966