N. B. Hardeman Passes

Cecil Willis

Well-known and aged preacher, N. B. Hardeman, died on November 6, 1965 at 2 a. m. in a Memphis, Tennessee hospital. Brother Hardeman was in his ninety-second year of life at the time of his death. Funeral services were conducted for Brother Hardeman on Monday, November the 8th, at the Highland Street meetinghouse in Memphis.

Brother Hardeman exerted an influence on the lives of many gospel preachers, particularly during the time that he was a teacher and administrator at Freed-Hardeman College in Henderson, Tenn. Regretfully, Brother Hardeman in his later years collaborated with those brethren who would take money from the treasury of churches and give it to colleges and other human institutions. He maintained that church support of colleges and church support of institutional orphan homes stand or fall together.

A biography of his life was published shortly before his death, written by Hardeman's daughter and J. M. Powell. This biography, N. B. N., can be ordered from Truth Magazine Book Store. Price: $4.95.