"Not by Sight"

Leslie Diestelkamp
Aurora, Illinois

It is a great time to live upon this old earth, especially because more people now have opportunity to be taught what to do to be saved than ever before in the history of humanity. This is true because of two reasons:

  1. Many preachers and other Christians have learned to "Walk by faith, not by sight." They have learned to do more than they know they can do, and thus they are doing much today for the salvation of souls because they believe Jesus. They give more money, do more teaching and go into more places than they ever could have done simply "by sight."
  2. Many congregations have also learned to go far beyond the realm of "sight." Instead of supporting only that which we can do with the money we have or with the contributions that we have been averaging, some are venturing to agree to support gospel preaching even when they don't have the money and when they will thus be committed to more than the recent contributions.

Actually we haven't done much for Christ when we do only that which we know we can do. And it doesn't do much for us either; for there isn't much joy in doing only what our own human reasoning can anticipate. But when we reach back into these truly spiritual reserves to take the gospel out (or send it out) in action that is entirely the result of faith, then joy unspeakable results.

To my preaching brethren I ask, "Is your work a faith action, or do you engage only in that which you know you can do?" And as you influence the congregation by your teaching, do you challenge them to go forward in faithor are you content to praise them for doing what all of you know you can do?

TRUTH MAGAZINE X: 6, p. 15 March 1966