Genesis 1:31

Wayne Earnest
Memphis, Tennessee

They say it matters not, what we call "Reason" of the past,

If it cannot be written down as a "Natural Law" that will last,

Where " Progress" is the motto that moves the human race,

And the rationalistic Philosopher alone is cognizant of man's place.

He tells you how to think, and "form your own" ideas,

And unaware to you, yes you, his child he rears,

And in this cloud of ecstasy, you want to be like him,

An intellectual being, not like the rest of them.

It matters not that you can smell the fragrance of the flowers,

Or hear the bell as it will sound the related time in hours,

Or that with eyes can look, fathoming far into the sky,

It only matters that you can ask the simple question, why?

He will lecture on the theories that compose civilization's plan,

And before he's through, he will suggest, "No nature at all has man."

He ridicules the Christian, and denies the one true God,

While erecting a throne all his own, and presses with might his "Rod."

He teaches that by "mutation," the amoeba from the depths of the sea,

Was suddenly changed into a monkey, which could hang by its tail in a tree.

He then assumed some more "mutations" and cautioned, "This is the key,"

That eventually through the eons, came the products, you and me.

But if today it takes "controlled mutations" to benefit rather than harm,

How is it that the shuffle of chance put within my heart so warm,

A concept of assimilation that builds on other civilizations so fast,

That the mind can break the span of time, into future, present and past?

In great detail, "Explain your theory" to the masses of mankind,

And the many similarities of dog and man in your latest find.

Then tell your dog, "In two weeks I'll be back and tell you of my trip,"

And if the "two weeks" doesn't register, the details you may want to skip.

But in the Divine Economy, purpose and design abound,

The self-existent Being, is, was, and will, always be found.

Something cannot come from nothing, but something does exist,

Therefore something always was, this something, evolution can't twist.

Check the Genesis record of creation, the items God made to appear,

Looking critically at the "order," you won't have to shed a tear.

But love, and faith and hope are there, building "faith" as it should,

"And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good."

TRUTH MAGAZINE X: 10, p. 21 July 1966