A God-Ordained Home

A C Grider
Longview, Texas

Another couple in the congregation here has taken a little fourteen month old girl into their home. Other couples want children. One couple wants two. Some couples have one. One couple has two. All of these unfortunate children thus found homes with Christians where they can have a normal existence. And yet the "do-gooders" would say members of this congregation would let children starve.

How fortunate these children were to fall into the hands of these good Christian people who will love and protect them rather than into the hands of the society brethren who would have PAID somebody to feed and shelter them. These children will "develop more fully than children brought up in institutions," according to a Professor of Psychology at the University of Illinois. These children will be "happier, better adjusted and more productive citizens" than if they had been sent to an institution, according to The Home Planning Supervisor of New York's Children Aid Society.

These children will be far ahead of the institutional children in "speech, social response and self control," according to The Supervisor of Child Analysis at the Baltimore Psychoanalytic Institute. These children will escape the "mental damage' which results from being cared for in institutions from infancy, according to the same Supervisor.

These children will test higher in I. Q. than if they had been unfortunate enough to be sent to an institution, according to a noted Professor of Psychology.

These children will have more ability to "pay attention, persist in tasks or grasp abstract ideas," according to the Psychologist, than they would if they had been unfortunate enough to be sent to an institution.

May God bless these fine children in the homes of the Christians here at Greggton. May God bless these fine Christians as they shower on these children the love and affection God intended that children should have.

May God bless the little children who have been sent off to institutions where they will "lag behind" in social response and self-control and "fall below" in I. Q. May God pity the poor soul who thinks he is practicing pure and undefiled religion by contributing to such an institution.

TRUTH MAGAZINE X: 11, pp. 13 August 1966